"A man with a supply of idea fears nothing for he has become the master of his own fate." - Robert P. Crawford

How do you use your mind to create ideas that open the floodgates to other opportunities? One way is to set an intention to create a great idea and then to follow the thought up with action.

Did you know that your mind is the most awesome tool in the universe? If you didn't, consider the following, your mind can create medicines that save hundreds of thousands of lives, or it can destroy as many souls by the creation of deadly biological substances.

James Allen, author of the classic, As A Man Thinketh said the following:
"Mind is the Master power that moulds and makes, And Man is Mind, and evermore he takes The tool of Thought, and, shaping what he wills, Brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:-- He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass."

You are powerful beyond belief! You possess the world-changing power of a mind that can produce whatever you command it to produce. What have you ordered your mind to produce for you? If you don't know, look around you and the results will tell you. If you are experiencing wealth, prosperity, and abundance that means you have commanded your mind to produce those results in the form of ideas, insights, and opportunities.

What if you are experiencing some form of lack in your life, what does that tell you about how you are commanding the greatest tool on earth? You need to issue better commands to your mind.

Mastering your future requires that you command your mind to produce ideas that you shepherd from intangible ideas to tangible products or services by using your energy, imagination, and time. Mr. Crawford's profound quote implies a state of mastery that most people never experience. Become an idea creator and you can become the master of your future on any stage you decide to play on.

Are you an idea creator?

As an idea creator you are the initiator, which positions you to capitalize on the opportunities that bring the most value to you. The leader or creator always profits the most from originating ideas because the leader sets the rules of engagement. Ideas have value, which as the leader you determine how much your ideas are worth - $1 or $1 million.

Become aware of the unlimited possibilities that exist for those who put their imagination to work in productive ways. As the leader, you experience the feeling of control because you are the person who took the initiative and the risk to create something from nothing.

You are living in an age that is making it possible for you to experience prosperity anytime and any place. You can reach out and touch most parts of the world without leaving your home. The old, limited ways of thinking have been replaced by new unbounded ways of thinking that have changed the lives of millions of people.

You can experience this prosperity by using your inborn imagination and creativity to make a difference in the world. Developing creative ideas is the only way that you can prosper on your own terms - exactly as you visualize.

One idea always leads to many other ideas.

The more ideas, inventions, and insights you create, the more ideas you will continue to find - the opportunities that exist are endless. As one opportunity dries up - look around, you will quickly see other ideas that rush to the forefront. Keep your eyes open for connections that everyone, but the most astute observer, completely misses. Look for ideas in your industry; outside your industry; at the mall; at work; at home.

You build confidence in the quality of your ideas.

Having a supply of ideas fosters complete and unshakeable confidence in your ability to shape your destiny. Your confidence in yourself will be so high that you will feel as though you will prosper no matter what happens.

The more ideas you actualize the more confidence you will build and before long you will become a self-perpetuating idea generating machine. You lose the uncertainty of whether or not you will succeed - you have an inner knowing and you realize that it is only a matter of time before you realize your dream.

You decide your focus.

You move at your own speed. You prioritize the opportunities that you want to pursue. You position yourself to multiply your gains by simultaneously working and coordinating many ideas. Your challenge becomes figuring out which ideas "not" to pursue because you have so many.

Your mind is a storehouse of ideas and opportunities.

Think about a storehouse where all types of supplies are kept. Imagine that you have unlimited access to this storehouse. You have the key, which means that at anytime you can unlock the door and enter into unlimited abundance and prosperity - whenever you choose to. Just like the storehouse, you have a world of opportunity and abundance within you right now. Take the key, enter your storehouse and prepare to prosper.

This is not idle fantasy; you are literally living in an abundant universe where you can speak your loftiest dreams and visions into existence. At any moment, you can decide to access your storehouse and choose among thousands of opportunities and ideas to pursue.

Your storehouse is the unlimited nature of your mind and all of the creative and imaginative resources within. Your energy, creativity, and persistence will determine how abundant and overflowing your storehouse will become.

You create the life you want by the ideas you decide to pursue.

An even more powerful point is that no one can access your storehouse of opportunities and ideas. You and you alone have access, which means that if you fail to step into your storehouse, you are not only depriving yourself of the benefits but you are also depriving thousands or even millions of other people from receiving the benefit of your ideas and opportunities as well.

Remember the following key points:

o You can create anything that you can imagine.

o Your destiny lies in how you develop and use your imagination.

o As an idea creator you can become the master of your future.

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