Here are some marketing strategies that I have learned from my coaches over over the years, I hope you will find them useful – they work.

1. Who – The first thing to consider as a marketing strategy is to determine exactly who your target clients are going to be – in other words the demographics of your potential clients
. the age range
. the professional level,
. the educational level
. the income level
. the location
. any other aspect that will help you determine who will
buy your product

2. Where - Once you have identified who your target market will be then you need to identify the best places to actually reach them.
. specific locations if there are any
. through newsletters
. flyers to specific locations
. through Associations or Clubs they might belong to
. your own database
. buying email lists to your specific demographic
. local media – newspapers, radio, tv
. forums that would match your specific product or service
. social media, blog, facebook, twitter
. internet marketing
. in person
. visual presentations

3. Understanding – On an ongoing basis you need to continue to study and understand the needs of your clients, their aspirations, their pains etc. How do you do this?
. ask them for feedback
. ask for referrals
. ask for testimonials
. do a survey
. start a forum
. do follow ups after the sale
. conduct test groups

4. Value – The next stage is to present your value proposition in a way that your customer believes that you are adequately addressing their needs, aspirations or pains in a fair exchange for reasonable price. In other words your USP your unique selling proposition. How do you set yourself apart from your competition?

5. Relevance – How relevant is your message? Make sure you message speaks directly to your customer and that your message hits home with them on a personal level. This takes some effort to understand your clients and what message will best come across to them. This means testing the market and seeing which of your marketing efforts
generates the best results. This will take time and effort but the results will be rewarding.

6. Compel – To conclude you need to give them a compelling reason to act NOW. What can you do to add value, or provide incentives to get them to act today. Specials, Time Limits and any other incentives you can come up with that will compel your clients to buy now.

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Avril Betts - CHA - Entrepreneur and Business and Lifestyle Coach

I have been an Entrepreneur for over 35 years and a long time Business and Lifestyle Coach. Although I have a retail office I myself work from Home and would be happy to answer your questions

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