Manifesting meditation is the process of materializing our desires into the physical world. This is done through increasing the vibration within the body and visualizing our desired outcomes and experiences.

This can only be effective when we are fully able to stay connected to the feeling that what we are already experiencing what we want and, at the same time, being open to the Universe.

When we practice mindful meditation, we silence our minds and go into a place of peace and stillness. This is why meditation for manifesting works so well. When our minds are still, we are better able to conjure and hold onto the visions of our desires.

Below are the steps to effective manifesting meditation.

1. Be Totally Relaxed.

Manifestation meditation takes only a few minutes to perform. To reap its rewards, practice it every day for seven consecutive days.Begin with relaxation. Do this in a quiet, cozy, and dark or dimly-lit room. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Concentrate on the silence and on calming your mind. Try to reach the "optimal state". This means relaxing the body, mind, and soul. For this to work, the spiritual mind must be free of blockages. Open your mind and let light and compassion flood your being.

2. Set The Intention.

Once the "optimal state" has been reached, it is time to manifest. The next step in manifesting meditation is visualizing what you want to manifest. You may be surprised to find that even if you have a clear idea of what you want, you will see something completely different in your mind's eye. Don't fight it. Breathe. Relax. If you start to feel uncomfortable, concentrate on your breathing or put on some soothing instrumental music.

Once you have decided on what you wish to manifest, say it out loud. If there are people around, you may say it silently. Be specific and clear. Use only positive words to describe your intention. Don't think of negative thoughts.

3. Make The Intention Convincingly Real.

After you have successfully visualized and stated what you want, you have to practice visualization meditation and imagine that you already have it. At this stage in manifesting meditation, focus on the feeling of having achieved your goals.

Imagine yourself happy and content. Imagine how you would feel if you already have what it is that you wanted. Linger on these feelings and let yourself feel grateful and happy for what has been given to you.

4. Release It.

This is the last step. Imagine your manifestations as energy flowing up your body and out through your head. Imagine that this energy is a vessel for your manifestations. After you have envisioned your manifestations leaving your body as energy, imagine what your life would be like with the manifestations complete. Believe with all your heart that you have already been given what you wished for.

Practice these manifesting meditation steps every day and soon you will be experiencing and living our all your desires for real.

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Meditation can help unlock the door to your goals and dreams. It is powerful tool to controlling your thoughts and manifesting your dreams. By exercising the power of manifesting meditation a richer, happier and abundant life will open up before you.