I think one of the first things that attract people to metaphysics is wanting to know how to manifest the things they want and need in life. There’s nothing wrong with that, we all need money, food, shelter, and various other things to live. So today’s post will be about the basics of manifesting along with answering a few questions about manifesting.

Let’s start with the axiom, energy flows where attention goes. This is true enough, however, many people disagree with a vengeance as they have solid proof that this does not work. They were doing their visualizing with religious fervor to no avail. The problem was not the visualizing, the problem was where their energy and attention was going. The attention was actually on the lack of what they desired. They were so passionate about wanting whatever they wanted but, the attention was on not having it so they continued not to have it. To visualize properly you must FEEL the feelings of happiness, joy, and satisfaction of having what you want while visualizing. This attracts what you want instead of repelling it.

Now to get a little deeper. Your subconscious does not reason, that’s your conscious mind. Your subconscious works in pictures not words which is why you have to be careful how you write out your affirmations. For example, “I will not fail.” is never going to yield the results you’re looking for. Remember pictures, in your subconscious it’s holding the picture of you failing, so that’s what it’s working on attracting. Beliefs are thoughts and thoughts are viewed as pictures in the subconscious and we create our reality by the pictures in our head. It’s very simple yet can be very illusive at the same time. If while you are visualizing what you want and you hear a little nagging voice saying that’s never going to happen then stop right there. You’re holding a believe that will prevent you from getting what you want. You must first find and change that belief before you can go any further because that belief will never allow you to keep whatever you gain.

Now as important as your thoughts are they are not as important as how you feel about your thoughts because feelings are the fuel for your manifesting. You can have a Lamborghini but without fuel you’re not going anywhere. Feelings take us where we want to go and if those feelings are passionate then we arrive that much faster. Many people have used vision boards or the magic box method of manifesting. Why does it work for some? It works in a two fold way, one it evokes the feelings you need to manifest and secondly, it aligns the conscious and subconscious on the same goal. In order for a vision board to work you need to take your time to create one that evokes the strongest and most positive feelings of what you want.

Lastly since we’re humans and have a tendency to over think, over analyze, and ruin things, we need to release our visualizations and desires in the proper way for the universe to manifest them. Knowing that life takes the path of least resistance we need to be specific enough with our intentions yet allow a little freedom in manifestation for it to come as quickly as possible. Ending with something like, ” I release my desires for _______ or for something better into the void for manifestation for the good of all.” Then you must really let it go, that means don’t analyze it, don’t pick it apart, don’t even think about it. Just go on about your day with peace and acceptance in your heart. If it keeps coming back in your mind because you’re a little neurotic about it, just release it back into the void and move your mind on something else. It’s like this, imagine you’re a little kid and you broke your favorite toy. You take it to your mom or dad to fix and say please fix this for me with tears in your eyes. Your mom or dad take the toy and see that it can be fixed easily but before they can fix it you yank it back out of their hands and sob how all is lost because it can never be fixed. Until you are actually ready to release the toy in their total care with trust the toy can never be fixed. You have to let it go completely in faith to get what you want.

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Rev. Bridgette Short, N.D.

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