Why Is The Energy Of Hard Work Counterproductive To Manifesting Your Desires?

The energy of hard work signifies lack, deficiency or something missing. It communicates that what you want is not easily coming about. It means chasing too much for something you desire, and that in the present moment, you are not doing enough.

And since the Law of Attraction responds to the energy vibration you are offering and gives you more of what you put out there, this contradictory energy of hard work means you've got less Universal leverage. You are moving in the opposite energy direction of what you want. You are blocking the flow of assistance and support that you would naturally have when you ease up a bit.

It Means You've Got Resistance

In hard work and effort, there is resistance. You have opposing vibrations within you. You are moving upstream or against the current, and carrying out your action from a place of misaligned energy. With hard work, you have contradictory energies that will not allow the Universal help you naturally have access to.

There Is Another Way

A more productive way of action is being in the flow. It is coming from a place of having an aligned energy first before moving into action. In this, a lot more work can be done because you are in sync with the timing of every action, and everything you need falls into place at the perfect schedule.

Being in the flow means lining up your energy within yourself. It is managing and cleaning up your vibrations, which is the real work that needs to be done first. Because it is through vibration that you create. When you are more chilled out, instead of worrying about things and trying hard to make things happen, you are more open to the receiving of the right goods, to come at the right time. You are in the flow of the Universal current.

It's Always Vibration First

Always remember that the most important work is the vibrational work, in order for the things you desire to come filling in your experience. Feel good first and then the inspired action will become effortless for you, instead of it feeling like a chore or hard work on your part.

You will then notice that a lot of work will be done for you because energy is flowing seamlessly. You are letting the Universe do the heavy lifting. Pieces of things will fall into its rightful place, and the perfect ideas and people will keep coming, without the need to manage or chase after them.

The New Approach

This is the vibrational approach to accomplishing things, instead of relying solely on physical hard work. It is making sure that your inner world is in order before getting outer stuff done.

In hard work, there is an effort to justify your worthiness to receive what you want. There's an underlying belief that you do not deserve to receive something that you haven't worked hard for, and that what you want is not easy that's why it continues to become hard for you.

But when you are grounded in your own worthiness, you can then relax into your own knowing, as you are already deserving to receive from the moment you have asked for something. You will now come from a place of trusting yourself and the Universal forces to orchestrate everything that is necessary and appropriate for your highest good. Feel worthy and be happy. And trust life more.

What Your Primary Work Now Is

Put your effort into doing things that align your energy and raise your vibration. Because Law of Attraction is always at work and is responding to you. And as you do these inner vibrational work, you are able to accomplish things while at the same time feeling good.

Inspiration will just carry you into the right action as you do the aligning first. Decide to let go of unnecessary effort that will produce little or minuscule results, in comparison to what you will achieve with Universal alignment.

Always note that there is more effort involved when energy is not aligned first. And whenever you effort too much with action, it just means you haven't done the inner energy work first, that's why it feels like resistance or friction.


In summary, always remember to line up your energy so you are charged and flowing alongside the entire Universal forces – along with the powerful stream of Life. And from that place of alignment, you will be inspired to the most satisfying action to take from wherever you are, and produce the most satisfying results.

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