I think it's safe to say that success and wealth have always been a goal of many people.

People strive for success not only in their career or in business but more importantly in their personal life and in their relationships as well.

Manifesting is a concept that proposes that we humans have the innate ability to attract the things that we want in life, the only problem is that we are not aware of it all the time and because of this we can only do it involuntary and we have no control on the things that we are attracting.


We see many people who are successful and very much happy with their jobs, their relationships and generally contented in their life. We envy those people and feel that they are somehow a little luckier than us. This is not really true and when we think of this, we can only compare and focus on the things that we don't have and the failures in our life.

These people are happy and successful because they have learned the law of attraction and has become so good at it, they don't even notice that they are attracting positive things in their lives.


Attracting and manifesting abundance is not just focusing on the things that we want but also we need to channel positive emotion and attitude in order to truly attract the things that we want like success, wealth, health, and relationships. I already said that we are all capable of manifesting abundance but that we don't always know how to control it.

The key in all this is to have a positive frame of mind, a refreshed perspective in life, a confidence in knowing that we deserve the things that we want and strive for. This is the reason those people, that we envy for their success and happiness achieved their status in life because they are confident and positive.


The law of attraction is as simple as this: attract the things that you want in life and they will come to you because you are the creator of your own reality and you have the power to wield reality into your own, as your own.

Ever read the book called 'The Secret" or "The Illusion"? They talk about the same thing, the law of attraction as inevitable as the law of gravity, as inevitable as breathing itself. Manifesting is the main thing that we need to learn to manipulate the created realities of our lives.

This is not just some weird new age stuff it actually has some scientific proof that you'll be amazed to learn.


There was a molecular biologist who discovered that our thoughts are physical and real manifestations. Every time an idea is developed in your mind, the brain's hypothalamus converts your thought into neuropeptides that embodies a prevailing emotion linked to your thought.

The neuropeptides hitches a ride through your bloodstream and attach themselves onto a vessel on the cell's membrane and therefore become induced into your cells.

The cells grow more receptacles for the neuropeptide they are most familiar with and they transmit signals to your hypothalamus to produce more of these neuropeptides.

This is the important part, you should realize that the hypothalamus produce neuropeptides according to the emotions you experience with your thoughts.

If you always experience positive emotions then your body will become addicted to a positive emotional state. This is how manifesting takes place, scientifically inside your body.

The law of attraction is what keeps our reality intact and it is through our positive emotions and ideas that we gain more control of our life and start attracting and manifesting abundance.

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Manifesting whatever it is you want in life can really become your reality. By applying the incredibly powerful law of attraction you will transform your life of despair, lack and disappointment into one of unlimited success, happiness and abundance. Discover the secret powers of the law of attraction and magically start a life that is effortlessly attracting and manifesting abundance.