A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with a super hedonistic "High Roller" weekend at Foxwoods casino. About 20 of my friends joined me in a fantastic suite with an incredible view at the new MGM Grand. We had a VIP table at the hot new ultra lounge & restaurant called Shrine. I spent part of Saturday in the Spa getting pampered. I even won some money within the first five minutes of my playing the slot machines. Boy was it fun!

Let me say right up front, by no means do I have High Roller status at Foxwoods, or any other casino for that matter. I have only gambled a few times. But I do like to be hedonistic and live the high life, AND I know how to manifest a good time.

You can too. It's pretty simple. All you have to do is connect to the feeling of what you want, amplify that energy, release the energy and wait for it to happen.

Let me use my Birthday extravaganza as an example.

I first got the idea to go to Foxwoods when my dear friend invited a group of us to go down for her birthday. We stayed at her family's home close by and went to the casino for the evening. It was fun. There was lots of action and people and stuff to do. I was totally digging the scene. (This is the connecting to the energy part)

(Here is where I amplified the energy) I began to imagine how cool it would be to come down and stay for the weekend in a big suite. I could have a party in the room and use it as home base. That thought expanded into being VIP all the way. Having dinner and a spot at a club and going to the Spa. I looked on the Foxwoods website and checked out the suites and all the stuff to do there. I kept thinking: "Wouldn't it be cool if we all went to the spa floor","It would be awesome to have a big whirlpool tub in the room", "We could get a VIP table at the club!" My fantasy was growing and it felt good!

I decided to take action to make this happen. (More amplifying the energy.) I told my friends about what I wanted to do and we basked in the energy of it together. I went on line to book a suite and that is where the roadblocks started coming up. There was no suite available to me. It seems they were reserved for the High Rollers. Then I discovered that reserving a VIP table was very expensive. Even reserving a regular room was costly.

I began to feel a bit discouraged, but I could still tap into the energy of my High Roller weekend.

So released it. (OK, this is obvious: I released the energy.)

I still wanted to go, but did not know how it was going to happen. I still engaged in the game of imagining how cool it would be, but I was obviously not the one to make it happen. I stopped trying TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

About a week later, a friend of mine told me that he knew a high roller. The next thing I know, I was getting a phone call from a wonderful stranger asking me what he could do for me. He had heard that I wanted to go to Foxwoods for my birthday. (Allow it to happen.) Before I knew what hit me, I was hooked up with a king size suite and another room to boot, all for an amazingly low cost. I was back in business! It all started to fall magically into place. Next came the email asking if I wanted a VIP table at Shrine. Apparently a friend of a friend was a manager there and offered to hook us up at no cost. Yes Please!

And there you have! I was off to Foxwoods with my fabulous friends! We had a great time. I made sure to bask in the pleasure of it all.

What do you want to manifest?

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