It seems everywhere you look there’s articles, documentaries, and books on manifesting. They offer a plethora of avenues to seemingly achieve your heart’s desires with nothing more than 10 minutes a day of either positive thinking, creating boards, or meditating. While all of these things are good and useful they don’t work for everyone. Why, why do they work for some and not for others?

For some all that’s really needed in life is a tune up in how they are looking at situations and some fine tuning in their daily thought lives and everything else naturally falls into place. I’m assuming that’s not you otherwise you wouldn’t be here now reading this.

For the majority of people we need more than just a thoughtful look at things and slight changes in our daily habits. We need a major overhaul in how we interact with our world and how preprogrammed responses are accessed through our subconscious mind. By the time you’re in your early 30’s it’s estimated that 85 - 90% of everything you do is done based of subconscious programming. This is useful for many tasks in life but can be harmful for others like living your passion and achieving your soul’s purpose in this life. There is a great deal in our subconscious that was put there before we could do anything about it. Think of all the times you hear your parent’s words coming out of your mouth and shocked by it. People mistakenly go through life thinking they’re living their own lives when in reality they are living out someone else’s thoughts and beliefs.

For example, many people are unaware of what they truly believe. If you ask people if they believe they deserve to be happy most will tell you yes, because that is your soul’s natural desired state of being, however they are not happy. So what happened? In reality they truly desire happiness and even want to believe they deserve it but they have underlying beliefs in their subconscious that tells them they don’t deserve it. There is a major piece of the road missing, the actual bridge that takes us from what we truly desire to being able to actually manifest it.

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Rev. Bridgette Short, N.D.

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