No apologies to anyone. I believe that the "12 Steps" are a great model for good mental hygiene for EVERY HUMAN BEING.

Have people had success dealing with a myriad of addictions using the steps?
You bet they have. 12 step programmes have played a role in millions of people recovering from addiction.
I can tell you first hand from client results; the foundation of the steps has helped not only "addicted" clients find a better life, but has helped clients suffering from chronic depression, self-esteem issues and a constant state of procrastination. Relationships have healed and through the steps, clients have set and achieved lofty goals.
I'm the first to state, I follow no religion. However, the school of hard knocks coupled with a great journey of life recovery have taught me that inside of me all along was a spiritual presence, and that something greater than me ran the big show. My control starts and ends with me and staying in constant conscious contact with that spiritual part of me, whatever ever that is and whatever I choose to call it.
I still sometimes recoil at the word GOD; it is a throw back to something unpleasant from my past. That being said, I know the presence of a Higher Power; one that is greater than me and it dwells within.
I offer you a great take from Hazelden on a pivotal step to getting a life, Step 3.
Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
--Step Three of Alcoholics Anonymous

Let's cut right to the heart of the matter: We get in trouble if we try to run our own lives. Our ego starts to mess things up. We try to control things we can't control. We think we are smarter than we are. We start to think we can run things just fine by ourselves. What's the end product? We end up alone – spiritually and sometimes physically – and in trouble.

What we need to do is let the care of our Higher Power run our life. We can use care as a guide because care is what a Higher Power is all about. When we put care into action, we get healing love as a result. So let's put our egos aside and ask our Higher Power to help us do the next right thing.

There are many around who practise this step as part of fruitful lives. It is an integral part of what I coach my clients on. If you can humble (not humiliate) yourself enough to find it within you, you'll find, as we have, that the decision to turn it over works! Comments welcomed here or at Try improving your mental hygiene. It is a no lose offer!

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Certified Life and Addictions Coach