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This is the second part of an article on Making the Law of Attraction Work for You by Setting Aligned Goals that Manifest Instantly.

We are going to look more into setting goals that are aligned with your conscious mind intentions so that creating is effortless.

Setting Intention Goals means you set goals that are aligned with the content of your multileveled mind, that is the conscious mind, subconscious mind and spiritual mind.

If the goal you are striving toward is in conflict with the your current beliefs and subconscious programs, you can easily delete these blocking elements by using restructuring protocols and bring your mind back into alignment so
that your goal wires instantly and shows up in your life without using the traditional longer approaches to goal achievement. Affirmations, denials and vision boards, no longer seem necessary now that we have mental erases and can instantly install a goal aligned program.

If you don’t remove concepts that are oppositional to your goal, you will not be able to create it. You will be fighting your own programming.

Goals are intentions to strive for an improvement in conditions, to bring something new into being, or to make a change in yourself or your life which ultimately is the same process.

As intentions they are thought forms which send out frequencies to the universe which is waiting for directions to fulfill.

In order to create effortlessly, we also need to align our own intentions on the various levels of consciousness within our own minds. This means that we are changing the frequencies of those thought forms.

This adjusting of mental constructs and habits process may look like us bringing to the conscious mind and weeding out, barriers like automatic programs, repetitive behaviors, and coping mechanisms that would prevent the fulfillment of the goal.

Further, as we discussed, we need to ascertain if we are making the change for someone else or because we are convinced it is the best choice of action for us.

Our motivations are prime elements in the successful creation of new behaviors, fresh attitudes, and healthier emotional perspectives.

Remember that beliefs are the underlying cause of everything in your life. If you don’t believe it, you will not see it come to pass.

So you have to make your goals believable. On the other hand, we all have hidden beliefs and programs we are unaware of. Known or unknown, the energy from your beliefs is going to produce experiences based on that belief.

The goals you set in life are also dependent on your beliefs about what you think is possible for you to achieve so your self image is important.

Many times during goal setting or trying to make the law of attraction work for you, lack of self confidence or the conviction that you don’t deserve to get what you are trying to attract, short circuits the process.

This is true for most of our efforts to change our lives. Self esteem and worthiness are involved in money issues, relationship questions, health concerns, and just about every other situation we are dealing with and trying to alter.

The same event has different consequences for different people depending on what they believe.

And their position as to who they are and what they should have in life plays a big part in differentiating the effects of events on their lives.

What breaks one person makes another person wiser and more productive.

The person who holds the belief that something outside themselves can destroy them, experiences more depression, hopelessness, and helplessness than the person who is open to looking at life as an adventure filled with interesting experiences.

This personality type is always looking for the gift in every event… and there’s always a gift or some level of your mind wouldn’t be creating it.

They perceive things as opportunities to learn something about themselves, grow as a person, or make an important change.

If you think the trials of life are challenges you can turn inside out, you are less likely to live on an emotional roller coaster.

If you believe the ups and downs are just a part of life, you will be able to let things roll off your back.

As with everything in life…. it’s all in the attitude.

To some extent our attitudes are predispositions, inherited and/or programmed in, and to some extent decisions made in childhood based on assumptions our young minds made as we observed life in our homes.

On the other hand, no matter what the reason is, if your natural inclination, and we are born with these predilections, is to be pessimistic, that in no way means you have to stay that way your whole life. Life consists of learning new and better ways to handle ourselves and our minds.

Now that we have restructuring protocols, we can tweak our mindsets easily and quickly.

How you look at life, your attitude toward it is entirely under your own control as is everything else about you.

An attitude is your frame of reference that you use as a focal point to interpret every new perception received through the senses.

A person’s outlook is the upshot of their perceptual reality and is sourced in filters they have set which are either negative or positive, hostile or accepting.

Changing your life can be as simple as shifting the filters through which you run the incidents of your life from harmful to helpful, from hostile to receptive.

If you think everything and everyone is trying to harm you, your viewpoint will be pretty defensive and discouraged.

If you believe things happen for a purpose and people are messengers sent to help you on the way, you will welcome change and trust others.

It is never what happens to a person that changes their life, it is what they believe about it, what they believe about themselves, and what they believe about the other people involved in the event.

An attitudinal shift might include revision from defeatist attitudes like “I can’t do it,” “The Law of Attraction never works for me,” or “I never achieve my goals,” to self supporting attitudes like “I can do this,” “the Law of Attraction works great for me,” and “ I always achieve my goals.”

Blocking the good waiting for you, preventing the Law of Attraction from working in your life, might look like extreme pressure and self imposed stress about the goal such as, “If I don’t get this done this year, it’s all over for me,” which is the language of resistance to failure which produces the very outcome you are resisting without even trying, i.e. failure.

This attitude can be changed to encouraging self talk such as “There’s always another way to accomplish what I am trying to do.”

This makes the goal doable in your mind, but removes the resistance is persistence element.

As we’re learning to align our beliefs with the goals we are using the Law of Attraction process on, I will teach you how to instantly change a state of mind into the opposite one that attracts to you what you want to feel, what you want to experience, and how you want to be.

Remember, words have a tremendous influence on what your life looks like. Your own words can empower or disempower you, work for you or against you.

It’s up to you because you are the decision maker who chooses what you believe, what you think, what you say and what you do.

The only requirement for controlling your mind is that you are conscious and aware of what you are doing in the moment. Be mindful of your thoughts recalling that they are based in your beliefs. Beliefs are the energy creating your life.©

Whether it’s the words contained in your beliefs, the words used in your self talk, or the words that compose your thoughts, words can be low energy or high energy.

They are always manifesting tools which will turn your thoughts into concrete reality when said or thought frequently enough, and with enough conviction that they are true. You have to believe it to make it real in your life. Beliefs come first, experiences come second.

Here’s some homework until the next installment. Listen to your self talk, remember your body mind system believes every word you say and think. Be aware of how many times you tell your story and re-imprint yourself. And notice your attitude toward everything.

And email me with stories and questions at transforminstantly@gmail.com.

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