It makes obvious sense always to try to be as kind as possible in life. Being fair with others often means that people will be fair with you. However, life is not always as balanced and as empathetic as this. We can find that we fall into being taken for granted simply because we do not ‘bite back’ and stand up for ourselves. When people see us as a soft touch, they can try to take advantage of that kindness.
When that happens, you might choose to bite your tongue. Do this too often, though, and you run the risk of developing a reputation as someone who is easily misled or taken advantage of. If you wish to focus on self-growth and development, you must have a desire to fight back.

Stand up for your capabilities

When you do your best in any given project, it is fair to receive constructive criticism. However, when given non-constructive critique, it is common for people to remain happy to take the criticism simply.

However, you should always stand up for yourself if you feel like criticism is unearned, unfair, or untrue. You should not simply accept criticism – and not abuse – simply because it is another person’s view. Instead, stand up for yourself if you know you have done your best; this stops people from feeling like they can exploit you for their gain.

Stop accepting people taking advantage of you

It is common in life to take mistreatment by someone else as a personal insult, but then to do nothing about it. Instead, many of us remain focused only on our part in a mistake. You might find that you have, for example, invested in what turned out to be a scam.

For some, this is a ‘lesson learned .’ Thus, the loss is absorbed, no matter the personal consequences. Instead of accepting that, though, it might be time to reach out for support to recover investment losses potentially. Again, experienced professionals like this could provide you with a means of fighting back.

If someone takes advantage of you, a sign of self-growth is when you decide to fight back. Fight back once, and it becomes much harder for repeat exploitation.

Know your true value in any agreement

It is fair to stand up for yourself when you feel like an agreement has become lopsided, particularly in business. Accepting someone receiving more than they should – or asking you to provide more than is fair – is not a wise decision. This becomes perpetual and can mean that any future agreements are already weighted before they even begin.

So, you should make sure that you truly understand your real value in any agreement. If you are not being given enough value in return, it is time to find out why.

Stand up for others, not only yourself

If you see another person – such as a colleague – being taken advantage of, then make sure they are given backing. Even if you only speak to that person to pass on a message of support, it can be hugely well-received by the individual being targeted.

Being able to stand up for the rights and the wellness of others is just as important as standing up for yourself. If you are serious about self-growth and personal development, then make sure you stop accepting poor behavior from others. All it takes is one fightback, and you can soon end any perceived reputation as a ‘soft touch’ in your personal and professional life.

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