Scoring great wins in the realty business requires an eye-to-eye experience, and making every conversation count isn’t as challenging as it appears. Realtors need to adopt new and effective ways to serve a myriad of clients. Thanks to great video conferencing platforms, homebuyers can leverage virtual tours from any location. Easy-to-use and smart solutions like iFMeets enable homebuyers and real-estate agents leverage a win-win situation for both.
Here’s how realty businesses can harness the power of video conferencing to sell winning homes.
Showcasing homes in a competitive housing market
Until recent times, it was observed that potential buyers prefer home buying through a face-to-face experience. To picture themselves physically in a home, is key for homebuyers to connect with that property. One of the key aspects of real estate agents is showing homes to clients through real-time display or conversation. As real-estate continues to grow, hot markets can see contracts go into finalization within 24 hours.
It may not be possible for homebuyers to get on a plane or reach the desired home location in time. Consequently, technology enables flexibility for realtors and homebuyers reach winning conclusions. Innovative virtual home visits can get clients in a face-to-face setup from any corner of the globe.
Signing up for an easy to use video conferencing platform.
Video conferencing platforms are a great way for realtors or realty businesses of any size to improve ROI and scale their business. Video conferencing tools help homebuyers join from any situation or location. Whether they are at home, or on-the-fly, homebuyers can leverage home tours at their own convenience. Multiple homes can be toured in a single day, and on quick notice.
Realtors can leverage these platforms for day-to-day agendas, tasks, and more. Virtual tours can be recorded and shared with buyers or conducted in real-time. Using cloud-based and mobile platforms, realtors can strike a deal in a matter of minutes. Home tours can be recorded for future reviews, and contract files can be uploaded and shared with clients for real-time collaboration.

Personalize the home buying experience.
Homebuyers can be hesitant in buying property without a personalized experience. Real estate agents can personalize the home buying experience through video conferencing meetings. High-quality video and audio capabilities help resolve legal complications. Virtual home tours help real-estate agents buy homes more easily and quickly. A personalized experience can be leveraged for any property size viz. small, medium, and luxury. Virtual tours of luxury homes can be quite immersive using high-resolution audio and video devices.

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Thanks to video conferencing software like iFMeets, realtors can create a myriad of winning opportunities. Video conferencing helps real-estate agents streamline their day-to-day activities using various agenda items, admin controls, transcripts, etc. Internal meetings can be recorded with automated meeting minutes to improve team productivity.