With the Machinery Maintenance System the troubleshooting of the equipment can be done at any instant of time without waiting for the specialist to come over. Thus, to perform remote production-line equipment maintenance and repair this app enables it all.

The traditional process of machine maintenance and monitoring involves complex problems as this method relies on a commercial paper chain which cannot be verified as the time when it is done cannot be recorded. When dealing with the data on the commercial paper, the data transfer process is manual. Data collected had to be manually fed back into system and this process is time consuming. As a solution to the above challenges, the CPG Company required a system that would automatically generate schedules and alert the users to carry out the required checks. Also, the data collection was required to be in sync with the real time for proactive corrective measures.

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With all the specifications of the process incorporated in the application the data mobilization feature enables anywhere, anytime seamless data synchronization from PDA to Desktop at the touch of a button. Secured and faster access to information from both within and outside office is now possible from a mobile device. Hence, with the Machinery Maintenance System data access is a cake walk even with regard to the equipment maintenance work!

The equipment related reports can be designed both in graphics and printed form for an organized and a clear understanding of the equipment downtime or equivalent. The application solves the problems relating to breakdown time by considerably reducing the repair factor. The Inventory Enhanced Equipment & Operator Efficiency is also improved in real time as per the company's executives.

The Machinery Maintenance System solution comprises of a desktop application and mobile hand-held application. It allows creation of factory specific maintenance work flow and monitoring details (time gap) of each element. The system thereby automatically generates a schedule using this data. The solution alerts the user of the checks and readings to be taken at the specified interval of time. The supervisor collects the data on the PDA and then synchronizes into the central computer for subsequent report generation and sends alert to the user if any abnormal values are seen either in graphical or printed form.

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