Low self-esteem is an aspect of the human condition that affects millions of lives negatively. If you suffer from low self esteem and need to gain some confidence, here are some steps you can take to find your way to a high self concept!

Get Fit

Physical fitness is a great way to increase your self-esteem and build confidence. If you have a low self image in the beginning and it would do you more emotional harm than good to go to the gym, commit to a daily or at least semi-weekly routine at home in the exercise section of your cable or satellite. You could also take up a karate class or kick-boxing class for beginners. If you join a class with new members such as yourself, you are very likely feel comfortable enough to stay the course of the class and even go back again and build confidence over time as your physique begins to change.

Be of Service

Hardly anything improves the self-esteem more than acts of kind service. Take time to reach out to those less fortunate than you, donate to a charity, or even do something as simple as completing one of your spouse's chores.

Admit Your Faults

Let's face it: We're all human! Everybody makes mistakes on a daily basis; and when you make a mistake you have one of 2 options: Admit it and move on, or deny it and ignore it and allow it to fester at your soul. The more you practice admitting when you were in the wrong the less you are affected by every fault that you admit...Increasing your self-esteem bit by bit and delivering you ever closer to your goal of finally becoming the person you want to be.

Set Goals and Work Toward Them

One of the main reasons for a low self esteem or minimal confidence is the presence of a sense of failure; and when this feeling is present hope only found in small doses. You can begin to find light at the other end of the tunnel by evaluating that which you would like to change and taking baby steps to correct it. Whether your goals include financial structuring, climbing up the corporate ladder, improving your self esteem, or re-building family relations; setting goals and actively working to achieve them will work wonders on your level of confidence.

Do Somebody A Favor and Keep it a Secret

There are those of us who continually seek outside validation and rarely get it in a form we recognize or 'expect.' If you are looking for self-esteem among the human race you will be let down...Not because humans are bad, but because they're human; and no human power has the ability to provide you with real, lasting confidence. As such, performing small favors for people and not telling them if you can get away with it will not only help you to build your self-esteem from the inside out; it will also help you gain a sense of humility and seek attention from others less.

There are simple steps to take to improve your self-esteem and finally gain confidence in your life; and willingness to practice is all it takes!

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Although I was forced to face my low-self esteem and confidence issues through recovery from nicotine addiction, you don't have to be a smoker to suffer from low self-esteem. Build your confidence by performing estimable acts. To learn more about behavioral modification and improving your self-esteem visit http://stop-smoking-now-for-life.com/behavioral-modification-behavioral-...