Being overweight is something that many of us suffer from. You are not alone. Whether you have a little bit of puppy fat or physically obese both your body and mind are affected.

Whilst losing weight is something that should be done from a health point of view often people want to lose weight because it will help their self esteem. The thing that most don’t understand is that your self esteem comes from what you think about yourself, not what others think.

In every day life we are greeted with pictures of stick thin models and gorgeous glamorous actors and actresses. This can make us feel inadequate and unattractive. We often find ourselves delighted when we see in magazines pictures of stars without make up and think to yourself “wow, she looks bad without her slap on just like I do!”

In this article I am going to walk you through a simple technique you can use to make yourself feel much more attractive and confident as a person. Whilst it does not take away the fact that being overweight is unhealthy it can help you to feel more comfortable in your body.

I want you to go and stand in front of mirror. What you are going to do is reprogram your mind to associate your reflection with positive feelings. Very soon you will be able to stand in front of the mirror and feel great rather than feeling down about your appearance.

I want you to think back to a time when you felt really good about yourself. It doesn’t have to be about the way you look. It might have been a job you did well, a compleiment you received. Anything which gives you that self satisfying glow in your stomach.

Close your eyes and think of that moment. Really remember just how proud of yourself you felt. Remember that inner confidence. If it was from a compliment someone paid you remember their sincerity. Feel that glow and move it up from your stomach to your eyes. Feel the glow behind your closed eyes and smike to yourself remembering that moment.

When you start to feel as strongly as possible open your eyes. See yourself as other people would have seen you when you had done that great job or got that great compliment. See yourself with respect and admiration. Keep smiling at yourself and notice the confidence in your eyes.

When you really feel great squeeze together your thumb and forefinger. This will create an emotional connection between the way you feel at that moment and your reflection.

I want you to practice this every day for a month. Every single day. It takes a matter of minutes and doesn’t cost you a penny. Over a period of time you will start to notice a dramatic change in yourself. You will notice that you have more confidence when you look in the mirror. Your self esteem will grow and very quickly you’ll not worry about your weight as much as you have done before.

It is very important you understand that this technique is not to replace your diet program. This is merely a way for you to start to feel better about yourself. As I have said often people want to desperately lose weight because it will make them feel more confident. By using this technique you can become more confident in the way you look within one month. Couple this with a diet program that works and your results will be both visible and internal resulting in a new, improved you.

Feeling down and depressed about yourself can result in comfort eating. This, of course, can only end up with you putting on more weight and the vicious circle continues. Use this technique to develop the right mental toughness and attitude. And use your dieting to get into great shape.

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