By JoAnne Williams-Author:

Love is a wonderful feeling to have for someone or something. Through life’s travels, everyone will experience the emotion of love. True love in a relationship with a significant other, will make you surrender your heart to the extent that no other person or thing can penetrate that love you have for your significant other. And true love for your significant other will be impenetrable. There will be nothing that you will allow to come between the emotions of love that you feel in your relationship. With TRUE love you will not allow anything or anyone to disrupt that flow.

However, if the love you have for your significant other forces you to stay in a relationship where you are unhappy, this is where your heart can be trampled upon. One should never love too deeply to the point where you accept bad behavior from your significant other for an extended period of time. Know that the emotion of love doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to be held captive. Some people love too deeply - too deeply to the extent where they will allow their significant other to wreak havoc upon them and in the process, they lose their self-respect. Sometimes you have to weigh the feeling of love you have for that person against your sanity and then decide which one is more important to you and the fiber of your being.

You should always love yourself more than you love your significant other. You should never lose your individuality, not even in a unit such as marriage. If your relationship is not right in your head, how could it be right in your heart? If you remain in a worthless, failing, or unhappy relationship, it could be because of that deep emotion of love that ultimately convinces you to accept and do things that ordinarily, you would not do.

LOVE, It’s a wonderful feeling, when is not misguided!

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