I was recently asked a wonderful question about opening up the heart chakra to All That There Is.

There’s obviously a whole lot to take in, especially in these times when we have access to so much information.

As is sometimes the case, the answer here lies in the question itself.

It is when we take time to consider life from Love’s perspective (which is Cosmic and all-inclusive) that we can truly open up and embrace the glory and mystery of Oneness and truly embrace All That There Is.

Personal, Global and Cosmic Perspectives

When you pay attention to everything going on in your life personally, that alone can seem like a lot to absorb.

Then if you focus on what you know is happening all over the globe, it’s another level of possible overwhelm. Your heart may want to close in order to protect itself from pain and suffering that it feels unable to handle.

It’s when you take time to be aware of “The Big Picture” that you can breathe in the peace and power of the Loving Universe.

Whenever you want to open your heart, breathe deeply and know that you are in the Loving Universe and the Loving Universe is in you.

Connect with the Source in each inhalation and expand and release with every exhalation.

You are in equilibrium. There is balance between your inner and outer worlds.

For as much stuff as there is, there is just as much space.

In fact, if you picture the amazing vastness of the Heavens, you can feel the complete peace and serenity of the Cosmic scene.

All That There Is Needs Love

Now, working back from this point of view, we can experience empowerment and liberation from overwhelm.

Recognize that You come from this awe-inspiring Loving Universe. You can feel a new sense of Joy and Lightness, can’t you?

Acknowledge that you play a unique role in this Creative Masterpiece. Accept every aspect of who you are with non-judgment and compassion.

Simply Being the Love that you are made of brings more positivity and enlightenment to the world around you.

When there are people or situations that you do not know how to help, just do your best to center yourself in Love and project this healing vibration outward.

We can take a proactive role in creating a more Loving world by practicing mindfulness (Being Love in the moment) and focusing our thoughts and energy on the positive resolution of personal and global issues alike.

We can help reduce drama and unnecessary suffering by getting on The Love Diet, which is based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s concept of conscientious consumption.

Choose to surround yourself with positive, empowering people who will support you in fulfilling your full potential.

Your open heart will blossom with kindness and gentle encouragement.

Hope this was helpful in opening your heart chakra!

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