This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill‘s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.
Creative Vision

"Unleash your imagination upon the world.

You are far more creative, imaginative and inventive than you may give yourself credit. Learn how to tap into your most creative abilities. The resulting ideas, solutions and results will literally astound you." ~Napoleon Hill

Have you ever had an idea that solved a problem you’d had for awhile? It kind of made you wonder where it’d been all this time!

Opening yourself up to inspiration can change everything.
Even just one idea can improve your situation dramatically.

Awhile back I suddenly had the idea of hanging (at least some of) our many instruments on the wall. It helped our little apartment tremendously!

And if you ask politely and persistently, the Loving Universe will provide you with as many ideas as you’d like!

Show your appreciation and gratitude by acting on these ideas quickly.

This demonstrates your willingness to implement and make good on the generosity of the Creative, Loving Universe. It will draw more inspiration to you.

If you find yourself flooded with inspiration
make sure to note ideas in some organized fashion. (I just started using Evernote. Love it so far!) Then you can act on them as your intuition guides you to do.

These ideas are valuable gifts.

Believe in them.

Treat them Sacredly.

Tapping Into Love’s Creative Vision

Here are three ways to tap in to Love’s Creative Vision:

♥ Present your problem to Love. (Figuring out just what your problem really is helps you start to understand what must change.) Ask for the best possible solution to present itself as quickly as possible.

♥ Imagine your ideal outcome to a specific situation, or envision life being its most dreamy. Ask Love to show you creative ways of achieving these results.

♥ Listen. Just do your best to quiet your own mind. Breathe. Be open to accepting whatever new thoughts and ideas enter in.

Focus on doing what you can in the moment to align yourself with your desires.

Relax and be open to receiving new thoughts and ideas that change the way you perceive your reality or how you can proceed towards your goals more effectively and efficiently.

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