During our short stay here in this world we all may have experience Love,without which this world of today and the past can not revolve on its way or we may never feel of the love of the others for having been in a desolate and lonely life, or for living in the world of untrodden place.No doubt,Love is the way at which we all of us are able to share with each others the good nature of life,only at which we see the value of life.In time of joy and in sorrow we need love.So as to say,it is a part of our life,indelible,indispensable without which our life is meaningless.It is by far the most important in our life so as to back up our family circle,our society,our country and this planet in which we live.

Even though our journey on this life`s path way is not so long as the journey of this planet on its orbit,we have often met with miracles,good and bad,enjoyable and fearful and so forth.among which love is the most interesting,tasteful and enjoyable.If our life is secluded from the others,we can`t have better enjoyment of love of the others in an orderly manner;However,the world of today is so much differed from the olden day.We can have better enjoyment of life through medias and such other types of communication by which we can share with each others our experience,thoughts,ideas and so on.We are very lucky to have been in such a way though the life of this world is hard and inexplicable.

You may ask yourself,what are much more important than Love in our life?You may say, land,food,water,shelters.Yes,it is partly corrected;however,without love all of these necessities of life are unworkable and meaningless.Here, we can see the love of God for God gives us what we need to satisfy ourselves. We need to possess understanding and knowledge of love so long as we are human being so as to have cordial ralation with each others.So it is,we should love one another.Love is from God.If it were not so,we would never think of love. for God is the creator of mankind.So,let us use the power of love.if we understand the power of love. we should know the love of God.

Those who have love for the others have understanding, love is the key root to win our adversity in life.Love is very powerful.Nothing is sweeter than love,it is as sweet as honey and is like dews on leaves glittering in the morning sunlight.the work of love is enjoyable and very sweet.It flows like a river into your heart,which made you shine so bright. The work of love is a good food for our body.