Love is awesome.

That’s why I’m so dedicated to teaching how we can use Love to live the lives we dream about.

There are so many amazing benefits to making Love our top priority and our guiding force.

Love is supremely wise and intelligent. And because we come from Love, we can consciously connect with the mind of Love that’s within us.

And we can make better decisions if we check in with Love and get her input.

Ask yourself, “What would Love do?”

Before communicating, whether with ourselves or others, She’d advise us to make sure that our message is:

♥ Kind

♥ Compassionate

♥ Encouraging

♥ Empowering

♥ True*

*Just because a thought comes into your mind, it doesn’t mean that there’s any real evidence to back it up.

Be careful not to get carried away by thoughts that may not actually have any significance.

If it isn’t kind, compassionate, empowering or encouraging, you may want to let it go as quickly as it came.

Love is truth. And She understands more than we do.

With our limited perspective, it can be hard to fully comprehend what’s going on.

When we can only see some of the picture, and are concerned about the unknown, we can easily jump to conclusions.

And this causes trouble when there is really no problem to fret about.

When we give ourselves or each other a hard time, we’re not thinking like Love. We’re getting caught up in judgment and hurtful behavior that does not serve anyone.

Love Thinks Lovingly

It may seem obvious, but Love’s thoughts are Loving! And we must remember that Love is a verb.

Do more than just say that you Love yourself and others.

Show Love by thinking, speaking and acting with Love.

If you want to align with the unstoppable power of Love, you’ll want to put Her in the driver’s seat.

What goes on inside of you is the primary cause for what goes on around you. Think about the effects of your thoughts, words and actions.

If you want more Love, focus on thinking like Love thinks.

For another wonderful article about this topic, from a Christian point of view, read this article by The Rev. Philip DeVaul:

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