"Love makes the world go round". "Love is in the air". We've all heard these popular idiomatic expressions that drive and sustains the entire human race.

Love is born in each and everyone of us, love is what we all long for and desire. We long for the love of family and friends, and an intimate relationship with a mate that will never end.

The Beauty Of Love

To love and to be truly loved in return with the love of our life, is the most wonderful blessing in the world.

When love comes to call, everything blooms around you and inside of you. When you are loved and love in return, love reaches deep within and effects your entire being, your mood and your skin. Love radiates on the outside and from within. Love can help you achieve timeless beauty and wonderful glowing skin.

Is there anything more beautiful in life than a loving couple clasping hands walking down the path of romantic love? A love that makes you all warm inside, and everything around you shines like the new morning sun?

A love that is peaceful and pushes you to open yourself up completely to the one loved, to really be seen and understood?

When in love, we open up to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.

Love is a beautiful thing. It makes you happy. It changes you, and shows you things that you never knew about yourself. It lifts you up knowing there is always someone there to support you and stand by your side no matter what.

When you drink in love, miracles happen. That's the beauty of love.

The Love Hormone

Love triggers a hormone called oxytocin; a neuropeptide hailed the 'love hormone' or 'cuddle chemical' that strongly impacts your emotions. It is responsible for the positive emotions in the early stages of romantic relationships.

Oxytocin is associated with trust, empathy, and helps you feel generous and happy. This helps you build trust when connecting with someone you're attracted too. Creating meaningful and intimate relationships are the best way to increase your oxytocin.

Not only does it influence your emotions, but it also improves your skin. It's been scientifically proven to reduce stress and lower your body's cortisol production (a stress hormone) to calm skin inflammation, reduce acne flare-ups and free radicals, and improve your skin health in the process.

If you're not happy, your skin will eventually follow and be living, visual proof of this.

What Does Oxytocin Have To Do With Skin Aging?

A recent study found that oxytocin has an impact on intrinsic skin aging. Bonding with a partner is key for mental well-being which directly impacts our skin health.

Falling in love is more than butterflies in your tummy, tingly feeling, warm fuzzies and an adrenaline rush.

Love gives you a natural glowy, gorgeous rosy-blush on your skin that every beauty lover desires. Oxytocin is famous for providing that natural glow you see in people who bond and have happy relationships. And the best part of all is, it's free.

Nothing beats the feeling and look of naturally luminescent skin caused by a outpouring of happiness, especially when these awe-inspiring emotions stem from romance.

As you probably well know that new relationships bring forth the excitement of getting to know your partner intimately and grow together through shared affection. The exhilaration of that first touch - a hug, a cuddle, holding hands, or a kiss, an emotional connection is enough to give you a burst of serotonin to ease your stress, elevate your mood and produce that radiant complexion we've all come to know and desire.

Oxytocin Lowers Cortisol (Stress Hormone) Naturally

Ultimately, a love that is supportive, empathic, encouraging and authentic is a wonderful thing to have and comes with many advantages. Besides the radiant complexion you'll get with oxytocin, your skin will also thank you for the increased blood flow, nutrients and oxygen that make you feel younger along with it.

Oxytocin gives off stress-buffering effects to inhibit the stress-induced HPA activity. (HPA) is the main stress response system that controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes.

HPA also decreases cortisol levels. When cortisol stress responses and the protective stress-buffering effects of oxytocin reach a balance, homeostasis is preserved. Homeostasis is the ability to maintain stability in response to environmental changes.

Love - The Anti Aging Serum

Love makes your eyes shine bright, your skin glow, and improves your skin health. Oxytocin has positive effects on your skin by increasing anti-inflammatory responses, repairing the skin barrier, and improves microcirculation. This boosts your skin's radiance and gives you a free anti-aging treatment. Simply put, being in love gives you more beautiful, youthful-looking skin!

Studies have demonstrated that oxytocin may be effective in the prevention of skin aging.

Oxytocin has also been found to have anti-depressant qualities. After all, how could you be depressed when true love captivates your heart.

When you have that ooey, gooey, warm cuddly feeling, peace inhibits within, and relaxes those tight stressed frowns and facial muscles and smooths your skin. Love really does make you more beautiful.

Love Heals

Love renews and restores. True love supports, encourages, and uplifts. Love is patient, love is kind. Love is not arrogant, nor rude. It is not proud or self-seeking, nor does it insist on its own way. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love brings a fulfillment that fills the emptiness within and makes us whole. Love flames our passion and our drive. It brings meaning into our lives.

Love is the greatest healing force in the universe. It is beyond an emotion. It is a bond, an energy, an experience. In its purest form, love creates balance and unity.

Love is a many-splendored thing. Love is your healing Superpower! It can heal every inch of your body from the inside out - including your aging and problematic skin.


Love can heal your inner most being. Your health, your heart, and your skin. Let love color your world. Love generates appreciation, kindness, empathy, and care, warmth, laughter and positivity. So, let love exist. Don't run and hide from it. Let it heal you from the inside out. It truly is the most powerful anti aging remedy in the world.

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