I asked the family what The Love Post ought to be about tonight...

And my five year old said, “Love supports you all the time. It’s in your body.”

Wise young lady, don’t you think?

I asked how Love helps us, and she said, “Love your body. Love yourself and Love others.”

And when I asked how we do this, she said, “Do what you don’t want to do.”

Now, at first that might sound strange, but I actually think it’s very insightful.

And, knowing her experience in life so far, it makes perfect sense to me.

Listen and Cooperate

Having a five and almost three year old leads to lots of directing and re-directing.

Doing my best as a mom to run the day as smoothly as possible, I request that we Love and respect each other.

“Please listen and cooperate.” (I say this about 132 times a day!)

And, certainly, there are plenty of scenarios where what needs to get done isn’t exactly what the girls would have on their agenda.

That’s why Loving each other (and even ourselves) sometimes means doing what you don’t want to do.

Or, at least, what you don’t feel like doing at the moment.

If we need to get out for some fresh air, getting bundled up can be a challenge; it’s just what needs to happen so that we can take care of ourselves.

And, of course, once we’re outside, we have a wonderful time and everyone feels better!

As another example, if you need to exercise, you may not feel like doing it.

But have you ever realized that once you’re moving, you’re so glad that you’re Loving yourself and feel so much better?

Or if you’ve gotten yourself upset about something, simply taking a deep breath can ease your suffering...

This is Love in your body, always supporting your peace and happiness.

Work With Love

Love always wants the best for you. So if you’re starting to feel like you’re sabotaging yourself with poor decisions, ask Love to help guide you.

Come to this moment by focusing on your breathing.
Love is in every breath.

And then just stay aware. Do your best to make Loving choices.

In my new video series, I talk about applying “The Love Diet filter” to all that you consume and create.

It’s a way of deciding whether or not something is going to move you in a positive direction.

Ask yourself, “What would Love do?”

Let Love help you choose.

Work with Love because she’s supporting you 100% of the time.

An amazing new trainer I just connected with combines exercise and affirmations to create totally empowering workouts.

She realized that we can use words and movement to connect with the Love inside our bodies.

And the best part is, once you start working with Love, it gets easier to Love yourself and others.

In fact, before too long, you find that you want to do more of the stuff that’s good for you.

You just still need to lean on Love when it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and play a bigger game.

And as long as you remember that Love supports you all the time, your game will just keep getting bigger!

Play all out.

Everything is possible with Love.

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.

She's a practicing student of Love and has taught the subject in her books and on her blog, "The Love Post" since 2014.

Now that she's a wife and mother of two beautiful little ladies, she's more determined than ever to teach others how to use Love to transform their lives and have a positive impact in the world we all share.

Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

You can read more of Mary Anne's writing at https://maryannehorsman.com