Pythagoras, known as the Father of Number, believed number mysticism is one of the keys of the meaning of life.

“Number rules the universe.”

Everyone has been exposed to basic numerology, and we don’t blame you if you’re skeptical. Instead of relying entirely upon single factors like the day of birth, we’ve found pattern recognition using multiple indicators is the most dependable way to delineate personality and fate.

Feel free to use single factors like the day of birth or sum total of the month, day, and year as a point of reference if you are exceedingly clairvoyant. However, few individuals are so consistently intuitive that they don’t need a comprehensive approach using pattern recognition to get reliable results time after time.

Imagine standing before the largest building you’ve ever seen, many times the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Now imagine entering its lobby, which is only a fraction of the entire structure. The lobby is analogous to the full date of birth, whereas the rest of the colossal building represents the patterns that stem from the full birth data (full date of birth, exact time, location, and full legal birth name). We prefer a thorough approach; we’re constantly updating our systems of analysis, eliminating what proves to be invalid, and expanding upon that which holds promise. Ultimately, the more rigorous our checks and balances, the more accurate forecasting and personality and compatibility analysis becomes.

As a beginner, it’s easy to use basic number mysticism. To get an idea of the symbolism behind the root numbers 1 through 9 (all numbers can be reduced to a single digit through fadic addition: 787 = 7+8+7= 22= 2+2=4) please see the number symbolism guide in this article.

Starting with the full date of birth and using the date 2-17-1984, you’ll notice the Full Date Total is 5 (2+17+1984= 2003= 2+0+0+3= 5). This factor is referred to as the “Life Path” in modern numerology. It’s comparable to the Sun sign in astrology, and it’s a good place to start.

In the first article in this two-part series, we considered some basic early life energies. Next, we’ll consider one of the more important middle life energies (the day of birth), and one of the more important final third or so of life energies (the year of birth). Using the date of birth above, 17 day of birth yields 1+7= 8, and the year is 22/4 (1+9+8+4= 22= 2+2= 4).

Each number includes a balanced, under-balanced, and over-balanced form. Typically, the subject experiences the day of birth (a middle life cycle) and especially the year of birth (a final third or so of life cycle) as more balanced than under or over-balanced. In other words, maturity symbolically allows him or her to fully capitalize on the opportunities and more effectively cope with the challenges of middle and later life cycles and phases.

It’s important to take into account that although individual numbers sometimes dominate in a person’s patterns (particularly in select timing phases), ultimately a blend of numbers prevail together, representing unique character and personal timing.

Note: the energy of single factors like the day of birth and year of birth is supported or mitigated by the energy of the overall patterns, but you can still get an idea by considering single factors, especially if you have highly developed intuition.

Below, we list the balanced form of each root number as they relate to love life.

Considering drive, assertiveness, competitiveness, and an energetic personality are some balanced qualities associated with the number 1, it makes sense that those with strong 1 frequently initiate sex and that it’s rarely boring. 1 is a mental number—they are creative enough to keep things fresh, and you better be prepared for a workout. Although 1 strongly represents being centered and turned inward, it also symbolizes intense focus on his or her partner, making the connection that much more intimate. As a long-term timing cycle it tends to involve more limited and exclusive love life opportunities.

2 is an emotional number and those with heavy 2 are masters of emotional connections. They feel so much; they know instinctively how to please their partner. Rhythm is second nature for them, and becoming one with their partner is the norm. Just be sure to send him or her positive vibes because they feel that sort of thing as if they have an emotionally based sixth sense. As a long-term timing cycle, in terms of overall love life, it can be extremely rewarding.

Who knew sex could be so fun! Those with strong, balanced 3 energy know for sure. They are forever young; nothing will slow them down in the bedroom, even old age. 3 is an emotional number; the highest form of 3 is laughter, sexual expression, and having a good time. As a long-term timing cycle, it can mean lots of opportunities and younger lovers.

If you want a reliable and hard-working lover, those with lots of 4 energy are best. They rarely get tired before you do, and will always be there for you. 4 is a physical number and he or she is likely to have endurance in the bedroom. As a long-term timing cycle, it may not present loads of opportunities, but sensible and stable partnerships are the norm.

5 is a mental number, yet could also be considered a physical number. Those with strong 5 energy are some of the most versatile, experienced, and erotic lovers on the planet. When it comes to a good time, 3 may have 5 beat, but 5 instinctively knows how to take sensuality to a higher level. Get ready for variety and freedom if you experience this vibration as a long-term timing cycle.

6 is an emotional number and is more similar to the number 2 than other numbers. 6 is the cosmic mother or father, and in the bedroom he or she is the epitome of love, affection, and emotionally based sex. You’ll never have a more responsible and caring lover. As a long-term timing cycle, this is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable in terms of love life and romance.

7 is a mental number, yet it could also be considered an intuitive number. Those with heavy 7 intuitively (frequently via mind-reading or raw gut instinct) know how to please his or her lover. They give meaning to the term “spiritual sex.” No words need to be said; he or she just knows exactly the right things to do. Tapping into past lives, subconscious memories, or even other-dimensional beings during sex are as normal as the sun rising in the morning. As a long-term timing cycle, this can be rather quiet regarding love life, but pleasant if he or she is on good footing upon entering it.

8 is a mental number, yet could also be considered a physical number. Those with strong 8 are most likely to be performers in the bedroom and are a dream come true for those who like to be dominated. 8, like the 4, has stamina and won’t let you down. As a long-term timing cycle, love life tends to be intertwined with business and, or career.

9 is an emotional number, yet could also be considered an intuitive number. It’s similar to the 7 in relation to spirituality, and similar to the 6 in terms of love and affection. If you want a lover with heart, one who is naturally one of the most giving lovers you’ll ever have, 9 is for you. As a long-term timing cycle, this is similar to the 6 above; it can be exceedingly rewarding in terms of love life.

The languages of fate, comprehensive astrology and numerology, are as challenging to learn as any foreign language. But you can still gain surprising insight into human character, compatibility, and timing with basic number mysticism.

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