This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.

"Action is the first requirement of all faith.

Faith is an active state of mind. When a plan comes through to your conscious mind, accept it with appreciation and gratitude and act upon it at once. Don’t hesitate, argue, worry or challenge that it is right. Simply act in good faith." ~Napoleon Hill

Love says, “Apply Faith

Love wants you to know that She’s got your back.

She supports you and encourages you to get outside of your comfort zone. That’s where growth happens. That’s where the results you want are waiting for you.

Love believes in You.

Do You believe in Her?

Your beliefs are your conditioned thoughts that you use to determine how you see the world, what you expect to happen and how you respond to circumstances in your life.

It’s necessary to become aware of your most deeply held beliefs to see if they are limiting your potential to work and live with faith in Love.

If you find yourself getting results that are making you anything less than perfectly happy, it’s time to examine the belief systems (thought patterns) that are causing you to feel and act the way you do.

Even though it may not be easy to let go of your old beliefs, you can choose to make them part of your history.

You can choose beliefs that serve you so that you may serve others by living as your most authentic self.

Choose empowering and expanding beliefs to get the results you desire.


♥ I believe that I can do whatever I want.

♥ I believe that I am capable of learning whatever I need to know.

♥ I believe that it is Source Energy that provides for my safety,well-being and prosperity.

How to Apply Faith

With these beliefs (foundational thoughts) in place, you can then take action to move towards your ideal life.

Nothing really has any strength or power until you put it into action. If you claim to believe in Love, you must prove that you trust Her by acting with faith.

Open yourself up to inspiration. And then listen. Follow whatever directions you might receive.

Since you get what you expect, place yourself in a state of gratitude for all the unseen miracles that are heading your way.

Even if you don’t have a clear understanding of all the steps you must take to reach your dreams, do what you can.

Do something positive today.

Every action taken in faith sends a message to Love that you are ready to receive what you desire.

Take each step forward with confidence that Love is working with you to achieve your definite purpose.

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