This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill‘s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.
Budgeting Time and Money

"Maximize these valuable, finite resources.

Where will you be in five, ten, twenty years? You already know. Simply consider how you spend your spare time and how you spend your money. If your time and money are spent on your family, on improving yourself and by helping others, you will achieve greatness." ~Napoleon Hill

This is a very informative and encouraging quote from our wise friend, Mr. Hill.

He’s giving us a wonderful opportunity to take an honest look at how we are living and where it is going to get us.

Days go by so quickly. We can forget that the choices we make are writing the story of our lives. We can overlook the fact that we get to decide what we do with our time and our money.

And if we’re not careful, we can fail to take advantage of our ability to determine our own quality of life.

Love How You Spend Your Time and Money

Budgeting doesn’t necessarily sound like much fun, but it’s worth doing if it ends up getting you the results you want.

First, you need to look at what’s currently going on with both your time and money. Take the next week or two and keep a log of where it all goes.

For time, make notes on the hour about how you spend it.

Ideally, you clock every fifteen minutes of precious moments used throughout your day.

For money, keep track of every penny earned, spent, saved or invested.

(Right now I’m reading T. Harv Eker’s fantastic book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. I highly recommend it to help you shift your thinking around money.)

This activity alone will increase your awareness and strengthen your discipline when it comes to spending time and money. Commit to keeping these records for at least one week.

Then, give yourself some real honest feedback.

Give yourself a big “Hoorah!” for what you Love about how you spend your time and money.

Then figure out how to change what’s not working.

Making even small adjustments in your schedule and spending will play out as some major shifts in your long term trajectory for lifestyle and net worth.

For instance, trade in listening to the radio in the car for some personal development audio. (You’re still in the car, but your spending that time quite differently!)

Or maybe you can start making coffee at home instead of swinging by the drive-thru. You’ll probably save time and money with this one simple switch.

Take some time (Yes, it’s worth it!) to imagine in detail your dream day. Write out your perfect schedule. Write down how much money you have and how you use it.

Then compare it to how you’re spending your time and money now. Create a plan that transforms your present existence into the one you’ll absolutely Love.

Take it step by step with faith and confidence. As long as you are determined and persistent, you will get where you want to go.

Find people that are living the way you want to live and do what they’re doing.

Get determined to increase your productivity and efficiency. This could actually mean sleeping more and working less in some cases! The idea is to move from “survival mode” to really designing a life where you thrive.

Remember, your time is your own. Decide that you have enough of it because you’ve got just as much as everyone else! What you do with it makes you who you are.

And there’s plenty of money to go around. Feel good about making lots of it so that you can put it to work to make a positive difference in the world.

Now budgeting doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Please add a comment below about how you intend to Love how you spend your time and money in the coming days and weeks.

And ask your friends if they Love how they spend their time and money. You may just change their lives with this one question.

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