This edition of The Love Post is part of a series. We’ll be reviewing Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success and how they relate to creating a life that you absolutely Love.

"To expect more, you must first do more.

This dynamic principle is more than a motivational mantra; it’s based on the Law of Compensation. The more value you bring to your career and your family, the more you are rewarded with pay, appreciation and love." ~Napoleon Hill

Love Expects the Best

As I noted in another edition of The Love Post, Love expects the very best. She knows your full potential and is cheering you on to be your happiest, most fulfilled self.

Yet sometimes we may have trouble doing much of anything. The bare minimum feels like a lot to handle.

Feeding the kiddos, keeping the house from turning into a complete disaster, keeping the kiddos safe and occupied all day...

...Never mind going “above and beyond”.

But what if you up your standards even just a little tiny bit?

What if you realize that you want more than days that are just “okay” and a lifestyle that’s on just the average tip?

And what if you pretty much do what you’re already doing, just do it with more LOVE? Do it with presence. Be mindful.

Be caring. Be affectionate.

Be more patient. Be more kind. Be more gentle.

Going the extra mile doesn’t always mean going anywhere. It means being more fully where you are at any given moment.

If you focus on that, Love will get what she expects... your very best.

Love Goes the Extra Mile

Napoleon tells us that we will be compensated for the value we offer.

In other words, our reward reflects our contribution.

So if we want to experience an amazing life, we must find a way to increase and/or improve what we are offering to the world.

This starts with offering more Love, kindness and compassion to ourselves and those we Love. Then we can seek ways of sharing our unique gifts with others.

Grab any and every opportunity you have to help yourself and serve those in need.

Dig deep. Give more.

And on the days when even the bare minimum is a challenge, take lots of deep breaths and ask Love to take the lead.

Love will go the extra mile on your behalf. Just believe in your own self worth and be willing to do whatever it takes to let yourself blossom into your full splendor.

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