Have you ever heard that you get what you expect?

Expecting something lets the Universe know that you have faith in its power to get you what you want. It also sends the message that you are ready to receive that which you desire

By feeling the excitement and joy that you will feel when you actually do find what you seek, you are now transmitting a vibration that is in harmony with that outcome.

Love is always vibrating at this perfect frequency of resolution and bliss. It stays in this state and works endlessly to respond to the requests of those who ask and believe that their dreams will be realized.

Love is able to see the Big Picture that sometimes escapes our perception. Even when setbacks or side tracks keep us from our ideal, Love knows – and expects – that the very best will come to pass in the grand scheme of things.

It is absolutely amazing to think of how powerful expectations really are. They can change your reality in an instant.

In one moment, you can be near despair or sick with worry over some situation that you face. Then, with nothing changing externally to you, you can choose to expect the best.

And like magic, everything is so much better.
Nothing changed except what you were expecting. You came back to Love and took faith as your guide. You acknowledged that what is to be will be.

At this moment, perhaps this is all you could control. It is all you ever need to control.

Keep your mind set on what you want. If it isn’t yours yet, it will be soon. Connect with Love’s wish for you ~ the very best of everything! Love wants you to be full of Joy and experience your desired lifestyle.

Decide to believe in yourself.

Believe in Love.

Expect that the adventure, fun, pleasure and Love that you seek will find its way into your days and nights. Spend as much time as possible feeling how you’ll feel when you are living it all the time.

When you are feeling out of sorts, remind yourself, “Love believes in me.” It expects the very best of you. It knows what you are made of, who you really are.

And Love loves you now, even if you are in a funk.

Just expect that the best is yet to come. Move along and look forward to enjoying it!

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Meet Mary Anne... She's always Loved Love.
She's a practicing student of Love and has taught the subject in her books and on her blog, "The Love Post" since 2014.
Now that she's a wife and mother of two beautiful little ladies, she's more determined than ever to teach others how to use Love to transform their lives and have a positive impact in the world we all share.

Mary Anne offers her knowledge and wisdom in a practical, easy to understand way so that you can start improving your life immediately, with Love as your guide.

You can read more of Mary Anne's writing at https://maryannehorsman.com