She is a beautiful girl. I can see she has the heartache of living. There is the etched sadness in her eyes. The aching beauty of longing and wanting and hurt swirled together. The sadness of the soul where buried are things no one knows of. Smile, for life is beautifully hard and painful. We must hold that head up for to let it drop is a weakness. No, I think the pain of breathing is sometimes enough. Beauty is a veil over your face. I can see your soul.

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Hi to all,

I created this page with a prayer on my lips- That the words i write will bring you to HURT. Heal Untouched Repressed Trauma. I have lived through some of the very best, and also the very worst; that is part of my life story. I am the 7th child of 9. within a family whose roots go deep up in the cold northeast. My childhood was filled with trauma i didnt understand. I have 5 children of my own who are now age 12, 14, 16, 23, 26. Being a mother is something I have wept over with joy and sometimes great bitterness. Each child, each incident, has been a stone on the path of my develop own self awareness all the while doing my best in urging my kids to develop theirs. There are words we heard as children, that we carried in us as adult, and pass onto our own child that impact our being. It is my desire to give hope to others, that you can rewrite those stories that have developed from those words.