Who wouldn't want a nice cup of tea in the morning?

It is often believed that a simple cup of tea can make your day.

Tea is as fresh a start to a day as possibly can be. Sometimes, it is even believed that if you have you're going to have your morning tea; the day ahead is going to be beautiful.

Choose to have your tea with scones and biscuits. But choose to have it without, and the tea would taste as good.

In fact, in some parts of the world, tea is so popular that no get together or meeting of friends goes without some great tea. People choose to go for tea at least three times a day. Once they have it in the morning, once at their workplace during afternoons and once during the evening as well.

Tea is high on vitamins, so that works tremendously well for one's health. A simple cup of tea would boost your morale to a very high degree. It takes away the dizziness, and is even known to let you work better.

In fact, a simple cup of tea can go a long in making one feel at home. Serving tea to guests is one of the kindest gestures that can be, and if tea is served to guests, it really goes to show how much a guest is valued. It makes one comfortable, easy, really makes one feel at home.

Now does tea help one lose weight?

A problem many of us nowadays face concerns weight gain. With tightly placed schedules and long working hours, it becomes difficult to find time for a workout routine.

As the years pass by people stop bothering. But the fact remains that excess weight is one of the key factors that leads to disorders like diabetes and hypertension. One is at a higher risk of heart diseases if one weighs extra.

People are often on a lookout for ways to lose weight. But finding time for a gymnasium subscription could be difficult. After a hard day at work, one might feel fatigued out and might not want to drive down to the gym at all!

Come to think of it, even dieting is an alternative one might not want to go for, simply because one finds it difficult. Moreover eating well augurs positively for health, and one is able to find nutrients from all food groups in a single package!

But could possibly imagine, that just by going for a cup of tea two or three times a day, you could lose weight in no time!

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- Reduces body fat

- Boosts metabolism

- Increases energy levels

- Fights signs of ageing

- Rejuvenates the mind and body

- Removes toxins

- Makes the skin glow

- Helps reduce chronic constipation

- Strengthens immunity

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