Speed has become the identity of this age. With time, science and technology have made our lives faster than ever. With the internet and other technological advancements in our lives, today, we hardly find enough quality time to spend at home with our children and other family members. Although technological advancement has made our lives faster and easier, it has taken away the moments that we must truly cherish. And if you see, the lockdown period has provided us with an opportunity to steal some quality time for our family and loved ones. This is indeed one of the positive sides of the lockdown. Isn’t it!

No matter how monotonic and tiresome these times may seem to be, we can always turn these unproductive times into blessing by teaching the kids the art of spending family times together, and that too in harmony. The thing is that the hectic lifestyle of today doesn’t allow children to spend much time with their families as the parents remain busy managing their daily schedules. But, with lockdown prevailing everywhere, children, as well as the parents, are staying at home and spending all of the time together. Hence, you can take advantage of this time to teach your little ones some new skills, and most importantly, the ability to stand strong with the family in the times of need.

So today, in this article below, we, at CBSE School in Greater Noida, have brought forth for you some of the ways through which you can instill in your children the precious virtue of staying peacefully and cooperatively with the family.

Communicate Regularly & Clearly

The only way through which you can expect to establish a lively relationship with your child is communication. Try to communicate as much as you can with your kid at home. Conversations and discussions always help the parents find out the psychological frame of the child, which, in turn, helps the parents adopt the right way to teach them the values and morals. To start advocating the art of maintaining harmony at home, you need to communicate as clearly as possible to your children and make sure that they understand what you are trying to teach them.

Teach To Respect

Once you let your kids know that you always listen to them, the kids will automatically learn to listen to others. Children mostly learn by imitating, and they pick up acts and responses of their parents as their guiding stars. Hence, keep a check on how you are behaving and lead the path for the kids rightly. This is the first step towards making them learn to respect others. If they learn to respect the opinions of others in the family, a harmonious environment would be established positively and effortlessly at home.

Preach adjustment skills

When several people live together, it is evident that differences in opinion will emerge. The idea of a perfect family is not about eliminating the disparities, but bridging them to maintain the exchange of warmth. Teach your children the skill to adjust and cooperate with others. Make them learn the ways to show respect to other’s opinions as well. This way, the children will get to realize that respect is a mutual feeling and is not gained but rather earned. 

At JP International School, a top boarding schools in Delhi,we firmly believe that children should be taught the virtues like compassion, empathy, love, and forgiveness to grow into individuals capable of gelling up in any social environment.

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In times when nuclear families are becoming the dominant social identities, it is of much importance that we keep our kids aligned with the ideas of family bonding. This is why we, at JPIS, would like to advise the parents to make use of the lockdown period to teach their children the art of spending family time in harmony instead of chaos. Keep teaching children the family values and crucial life skills to make the best use of this lockdown period. After all, teaching and learning is a seamless process, and parents are the best mentors to impart such value-driven education to the young minds.