You Are Never Alone
From the time you're born you have a powerful spiritual support system offering you guidance and wisdom throughout life's journey. These loving beings are known as Spirit Guides.

Your Guides know your true potential in life and their greatest desire is to help you achieve it. By learning to tap into their endless stream of loving energy you're able live your life with more joy and purpose than ever before.

When you learn how to connect with your Guides, and to truly listen to their advice and guidance, you're blessed with a deep sense of security in this world that stems from knowing that you are never alone and you are always supported.

Who Are Your Spirit Guides?
Spirit Guides come in many shapes and sizes and are connected to you in myriad ways. Some Guides travel with you for your entire lifetime, or many lifetimes, while others may only step in help you through a specific time or challenging situation and then move on.

Sometimes you're acquainted with your Guides through past life connections, and now these old friends walk with you in spirit as you move through the challenges and triumphs of this new lifetime. Still others may be relatives or ancestors who've crossed into spirit and now watch over you lovingly, advising and protecting you from the other side of the veil.

Then there are the Guides who connect with you because you share a common interest, such as a love of painting or writing, that they were deeply connected to during their own earthly experience. These Guides can be very inspirational and motivating as they help you further your shared craft.

And finally, some Spirit Guides have never been in physical form at all. The goal of these esoteric beings is to help you understand the deeper spiritual nature of your soul and your connection to the Divine. These Guides help you recognize and fulfill your spiritual purpose on earth and keep gently pushing you back on track when you stray too far from the course.

Getting In Touch - Communicating with Your Spirit Guides
If you really want to connect with your Spirit Guides, the best place to start is with your own spirit.

If your energy is low due to depression, stress or fatigue, or you're simply distracted by life's demands, you could be blocking the messages Spirit is trying to send. When this happens you may feel cut off from your Guides. Or, the messages you receive may be indecipherable ~ more like static or "white noise" than true spiritual guidance.

Fortunately, crafty as they are, your Guides will work to help you break through these blocks by sending you signs and even employing emissaries ~ such as pets, loved ones, wild animals and even strangers ~ to bring you the messages you most need.

But you can help make their job easier by taking the time to love and care for yourself. When you do, you reconnect with your Higher Self and raise your personal vibration to become closer to the Universal Spirit. And when your vibration is higher, communicating with Spirit Guides becomes much easier.

Raising Your Vibration Through Love
In our world, the highest vibration is one we call Love. So any time you open your heart to love ~ love of a spouse, love of a friend, love of yourself (and that's a big one!) ~ you come closer to the Divine guidance that is your birthright.

When you open yourself up to loving others and being loved, you raise your vibration and open the channels for spiritual guidance to pour into your life. So the bottom line is this: whenever you feel unworthy or unable to connect with your Guides, simply open your heart to the emotion of love and true guidance will follow.

Blessed be!

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Michele McGrew is a metaphysical minister, spiritual teacher and intuitive who is passionate about helping women discover the spiritual secrets to a more balanced, joyful and empowered life. You can learn more about Michele, her courses, programs and products at