Reruns can be fun at times. Relaxing to King of Queens or Big Bang Theory, or going old school with MASH can be soothing. There is something comforting about knowing. Something safe about safety, or at least the illusion of it.

At least for a while.

Then it becoming painfully boring.

Seriously, I love Led Zeppelin but how many more times can I take listening to Stairway to Heaven again?! Yes, it is the greatest song but also the most overplayed.

We are not meant for reruns or re-plays. We are built for creating and if we are living life in reruns or repeats , thinking this is ”security,” then some form of pain is inevitable. In fact, it is a guarantee.

See, pain is the Universe’s way of reminding us of the aforementioned – we are here to create, not repeat.

The pain that most experience by living life in reruns is due to fear. Fear of newness. Fear of change. Fear of the inner world. Fear, fear and more fear.

Fortunately, there is something that can be done to alleviate the fear and move toward creation. The answer is treating the Kidney energy. The kidneys are responsible for the emotions of fear and courage. When we stimulate them in a proper way, we move toward courage and thus, toward the natural state of crating.

Rest your hands on your hips. Now, with your thumbs, move toward your spine, about an inch away on either side. There are bi-lateral acupuncture points that will stimulate and strengthen the kidney energy. Massage them in a circular direction, 27 times. Do this a couple of times per day.

When this energy heals and gets stronger, the face of courage comes to the forefront. You find yourself letting go into the bliss and creating the life you desire.

There is one show you should never miss. It is called Life. It is an original series and no, there are no reruns.

Create it the way you want the first time.

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