Living By the truth
Self Respect
Active Response

Truth is a destination also part of the Journey. When you are true to yourself you go beyond your limits.

How do you know when you are not living by your own TRUTH you may feel or experience a sense of discontent, emptyness, uncertainty, stress self loathing, Anger, Heavyness, Depression or confusion.

Living by your truth Indicators:
Inner calmness, peace , Joy. contentment, Liberation, Love, Fearlessness, Quiet Mind.

You become busy when you don't live by your truth signs and Indicators need to be read.

Meditation reconnects us with what is real and Original. You can feel an energy of TRUTH. When we operate from a place of emptiness we become fearful. I am convinced I am peace. Meditation builds a muscle for mental achievement. Meditation is non negotiable. Being truthful in Life is being Peaceful. Connect to yourself everyday. Meditating is the connecting to thyself. When living by your TRUTH you let the Chaos br Chaos. Meditating is moving in life in a different place.When nothing is working for you re look at your timetable.

When you are truthful you live at a natural pace of LIFE you become a centre of Gravity then thing work in your rythm. Appreciation or being in Gratitude for everything being who you are naturally will earn a blessing from someone else. Have a collective vision when working with people.

TRUTH does not need to be proved. People spend their lives proving they are right stead of looking for peace. Attitudes become free and Peaceful when living by your TRUTH. To live a life of TRUTH peace has to be defined.TRUTH can never be crushed or destroyed. Ego makes the soul deny it's TRUTH it's a trap. Make sure you do not get trapped anywhere because your peace and humility become locked.

Make a To Do List and a Not To Do List to balance out our minds. When living by my TRUTH I will have no LIMITS, I will have courage and determination. When I Awaken my part of my life everyday I accumulate drops of peace and drops of love.

Beautifulness is TRUTH.

What are the First steps I have to take to Live my TRUTH.

Honesty- Explore good. bad , Ugly you lose the fear of it. It doesn't compromise who I am. Expose it to God and say this is what is in my heart. The love God gives me supports me to live in my Truth. My thoughts, words and Actions are guided through being a Peaceful soul.

Now Have a Reflection when you felt your TRUTH :)
By Ermalinda Lynch :)

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Ermalinda believes in enhancing others lives in a very Spiritual way and is a great Writer