Cord cutting is now for real, With the changes in technology and people becoming more and more busier I don’t think it’ll be surprising to say that cable is actually dead in most parts of the world. But here in Pakistan there is still a good percentage of people who enjoy cable connections but not for very long, we do see an increasing shift toward streaming from regular cable connection.

Streaming platforms like mjunoon, goonj and tapmad are offering their viewers a variety of drama channels live to enjoy from and won’t cost you as much as your regular grainy cable connections. But have we truly reached a point where online video is replacing traditional broadcast television? Sure, it’s clear that online video is gaining popularity. Live Tv channels on the go is relevantly a new concept but it gives us a lot of opportunity both in terms of viewership and content, the room where content maker can aim has widen, people would now be enjoying tv on the go. The access to news channel live from any place will not only be beneficial to the channels but also the viewer as they can stay updated anywhere, anytime.

There is a clear shift towards streaming but is the shift from streaming to mobile television streaming the same? Now that’s a little difficult prediction to make. The idea of live tv in your pocket is quite new but with the stats it is evident that the millennials prefer watching videos on their phones than any other place. But will the small screen bother us? What about the sound quality? Will we always use earphones to watch our

favorite shows? Even though which so many questions arising it does make sense that people would eventually shift towards mobile streaming, Because their phone is one thing that they have with them all the time through out! And on a survey teenagers couldn’t spend more than two days without their phones. Cellphones are an addiction now that we don’t see it going away anytime soon so it makes complete sense that they would shift towards mobile streaming.

We reach out to our phones for literally everything from ordering food to shopping to actually getting yourself a ride so why not for watching television. The future of live TV is mobile streaming and the coming trends do justify it.

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