Type 2 diabetes can cause many serious health complications. Stress is one of the common mental issues people with diabetes are highly likely to experience at some point. Now, how your body reacts to this stress can increase the risk of complications from type 2 diabetes.
Stress has become a common issue amid the pandemic, especially in people suffering from a pre-existing medical condition. Stress results in an increase in the amount of cortisol your body produces. This further leads to an increased level of glucose and fat, which might have a negative impact on your diabetes control plan.
Diabetes and Stress: What’s the Connection?
A 2017 study concerning obesity showed that people with diabetes had comparatively high cortisol levels than others. The increase in cortisol can boost your appetite and make you crave food that can affect your blood sugar levels. Stress has a significant impact on your diet, which in turn, increases the risk of high glucose and uncontrolled diabetes.
Research shows that if the blood sugar level spikes and it remains untreated for an extended period, it increases the risk of nerve damage and other health problems in people. In fact, diabetes that isn’t kept in check can damage your foot, eyes, and cardiovascular health substantially. That’s why it is important that people suffering from type 1 or 2 diabetes keep their blood sugar levels in control and visit the diabetes specialist doctor in Vashi for regular checkups.
Manage Diabetes and Stress
Diabetes-induced stress is also a common issue these days. There are multiple ways you can manage stress and diabetes. Let’s check out the easy and effective tips for keeping your diabetes in control and reducing stress.
1. Educate Yourself about Stress and Diabetes
The main issue with the patients suffering from type 2 diabetes is the lack of information about their condition. The more you know about diabetes the better you will be able to keep things in control. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes or dealing with the issue for a while, education about the disease and the complications associated with it is important.
A simple search on Google will tell you a lot about diabetes and how it can be managed. You could also join a support group and learn more about the condition from patients suffering from the same. Alternatively, visit the top diabetes hospital in Vashi to learn the easy ways to manage diabetes.
2. Organize Your Medication and Dietary Plan
Handling medication is the most complicated part of diabetes-induced stress management. You can use a mobile app to manage medicines and your meal plan. The mobile app offers a great level of convenience, making the meal management plan easier for you.
3. Try Meditation and Exercise
You don’t need to spend hours exercising. In fact, 5-10 minutes of exercise is enough for you to manage stress levels efficiently. It doesn’t involve any risk and is rather a powerful way to combat stress triggered by diabetes.
Meditation has proven a great technique to not only control your stress but keep your body in shape.
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