Live resin is a flash-frozen product that has all the original plant compounds still intact. Many concentrates are made from dried herbs, but this process affects the plant's terpenes.

This, in turn, reduces the flavour, aroma, and effects of the flower. The flash-freeze process enables live resin to retain many of the flower's aromas, creating a very flavorful product.

Distillate is made with high heat, creating a very potent product, as some compounds have been removed. It leaves only one specific cannabinoid and lacks both flavour, taste, and aroma. The two most common distillates are CBD and THC oil. These can be consumed on their own or added to other products.

You can buy live resin online here in Canada as well as distillate. Both are potent products and are often consumed using vaporizers.

Can You Buy Live Resin Online in Canada?

We live in a time when there is an abundance of online dispensaries, and you can buy everything from live resin to CBD oils online in Canada.

There are several different uses of distillate. It can be consumed as is or used when making edibles.

Live resin and distillate are two compelling and potent products; resin is the one providing the flavourful hit, while distillate is the more neutral variety that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed in with both food items and added to your joint.

Which Is Better: Live Resin or Distillate?

As with many other cannabis products, you can rarely say that one is above the other. There are many factors to consider, such as your tolerance level. It is also worth noting what you are using the product for: anxiety, depression, or insomnia? And, what time of day and in what kind of environment are you using it?

Live resin is a top-notch and high-quality product, packing a lot of aroma and punch. Distillate can be described the same way but is entirely free of any scent or flavour.

While you can buy live resin online in Canada, you may benefit from knowing the many uses of distillate. You can enjoy distillate as is, using a vaporizer. You can add some to your paper before rolling a joint or simply dab it. Another great way to consume distillate is to add it to food and make edibles like gummies and chocolates.

The answer is that neither is better than the other. Both are great products, and it all comes down to how, why, and when you are enjoying them.

The Happily Ever After for Concentrate Lovers

You could say that live resin and distillate are each other’s opposite. Live resin is made using the flash-freeze method, is flavorful, and contains all the plant compounds. On the other hand, distillate is produced under high heat, and all compounds are stripped away.

All that is left is one single cannabinoid, leaving a concentrate free of flavour and aroma. However, both products are cannabis-based and incredibly potent. So in the end, it is all up to you and what you prefer.

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