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Having too many bad hair days lately? Well, here are some little known reasons your hair is not up to speed. Read on for some tips and helpers!

A few hormones affect hair health, but possibly the most important is cortisol. Cortisol is also known as the “stress” hormone. High quantities are responsible for thinning hair, hair loss, and lack of growth. Reducing stress is paramount to correcting this situation.

Thyroid conditions, perimenopause, and postpartum hormonal shifts will all affect hair health adversely. All of these conditions respond extremely well to naturopathy and individualized treatment. One medical condition is called androgenic alopecia which is male or female pattern baldness. Nutriceuticals are very, very helpful in restoring hair loss if the correct one is chosen and taken faithfully for several months.


Inflammatory conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, and ringworm, and atopic dermatitis are also responsible for myriad hair problems and can be dealt with effectively by getting to the root, no pun intended , of the problems.


Sleep deprivation, stress, improper eating, lack of exercise, recreational drinking and smoking will all show up in lackluster hair. A diet high in healthy fats, lean protein, and a good and varied amount of organic fruits and vegetables will give you the basic building blocks of healthy hair building. Iron deficiency in women is one of the most prevalent reasons for hair loss. Foods such as: beef, liver, lentils and black beans are great sources. Spinach does not help as the phytic acid causes iron to be bound so it is not available to the human body.
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