This week’s radio show about limiting beliefs can change your life.

I started the show with one of my favorite quotes of all time:

Automotive and assembly line industrialist Henry Ford said "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right"

In my opinion, limiting beliefs are the difference between true success (having exactly what you want) and failure (dying with regrets). Period.

Most of our limiting beliefs are installed in our subconscious from childhood through our parents, teachers, peers or any other trusted source.

Why is society so messed up?

In general, most parents and people around us are pretty shitty overall. And they pass on that crappy advice which we accept without question or even proof that it’s correct. There may be other options available that we never consider. This is what keeps us stuck.

As my co-host Tim Cornett put it, “Everybody is a shithole” which you can get embroidered on a pillow for only $29.95.

What’s ironic is then parents are surprised and sometimes disappointed when their kids get the same results they do (or worse) when they’re the ones who passed it on through their belief system.

Regina Ann, who is a Transformation Coach said “we tend to fall into the trap of believing what others tell us” and that is how our belief system is formed. Unfortunately, most of these beliefs are holding us back from achieving what we want and often times we don’t even know what they are let alone realizing we can choose to change them.

Here is a great exercise that can help you start identifying possible limiting beliefs. Sit quietly and state a bold goal like “I want to make a million dollars” and then listen carefully to the thoughts that pop up. I guarantee your limiting beliefs will reveal themselves. You may hear yourself say something like “that’s impossible because…”. Once you hear “because”, whatever comes after that word is your limiting belief.

Michael Van Osch who is a personal development and business coach called in to add “Fear is the basis of most limiting beliefs often times masked as something else”.

It’s easier to stay afraid, be a victim and accept life as it happens to us then to work on eliminating the beliefs that keep us from moving forward and installing new beliefs that can give us everything we want.

The key is to get very clear and specific on what you want which is something Joanne Victoria, a life coach for over 25 years discussed when she called in. What does your dream world look like? Then, find out through self-talk which limiting beliefs are holding you back so that you can eliminate them. Then, install new beliefs by bombarding your sub conscious through meditation, visualization and any other methods available. Over time, you will literally change the neural pathways in the brain and form new beliefs. Those new beliefs will cause new thoughts which will cause action toward your goals. These actions will start getting you different external results that align with your vision and new beliefs.

You will always find evidence to back up your beliefs, whether they are limiting you or expanding you. For example, if you truly belief that money is hard to make, then you will experience that in your life.

That why I like rags to riches stories so much because it is evidence of what can be done and it reinforces my beliefs.

In closing the show, Lisa Sarick who is a spiritual guide introduced energy testing and tried to have my co-hosts Tim and John do it live but it went all wrong. You’ll have to listen to the show to find out what happened (it’s too wrong to post here):

You can connect with our expert guests here: Regina Ann at ResonanceHealing.blogspot dot com, Joanne Victoria at returntoyourtrueself dot com, Michael Van Osch at thinktankmen dot com and Lisa Sarick at lisasarick dot com.

I love you all,

Dave Arena

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Dave Arena is a stand-up comedian, NLP Practitioner and founder/host of the “It Doesn’t Matter You’re Gonna Die” online radio show which uniquely combines comedy and personal development advice. You can learn more here