Many people spend their whole lives searching for their life's purpose. They "search" because subconsciously there is a question that remains unanswered, and that questions is "what am I here to do"? It is a question that remains largely unanswered for many, because in asking it they get caught up in "the doing", when the answer to that question has always been in "the being"...the being of YOU. We Angels have said this many times before, but sometimes things have to be said many times in order for understanding to take place. You are here as an expression of Source Energy, an expression of Divinity, and you are to use that expression to experience LIFE-- in a form that is uniquely yours to determine. Your top priority or "mission" is to REMEMBER and BE that Divinity every minute of the day.

Now, we Angels know you will argue against that. You will say, "I have many gifts, talents, and abilities, I have many things that I'm passionate about, BUT, dear Angels, I don't have time to pursue those things, I have to work to pay our bills, I have to "survive." -- I cannot "afford" to BE me!" We Angels understand the limitations that your society has placed upon you, that you have bought into, but if you are only working to pay the bills in order to survive, than surviving is all you will ever do.

The question of your purpose becomes a very serious one then. Do you equate your life's purpose to the work you do for a living? Do you work for money, or do you work for joy, for your spirit?? Abundance, in all forms, always comes when you are serving the spirit, when you realize that the Universe is your Source of abundance-- not a job. It's "easier" to accept a job making lots of money, even if you are not happy with it, and also to stay in structures that you are familiar with, but it's much more challenging to move forward into unchartered territory! If an employment opportunity serves your spirit by filling you with joy, instead of just satisfying the needs of "survival", then by all means accept it, if not, you need to reevaluate how you can take the steps to make that happen.

So then, the answer to the question is...what you do for money SHOULD be your life's purpose, SHOULD be what brings you joy. Your life's ultimate purpose is to BE YOU. "Work" should not even be a part of the equation. Do what serves you, serves your spirit, your Divinity, and in doing so you serve the rest of the world, through love, joy, creativity, caring, compassion, talent, knowledge, and beauty--an exchange where ALL can profit.

When you come to fully understand that you are creating your life's experiences, then you have CERTAINTY that you can use those gifts, talents, and passions to create enough material abundance to last you for the rest of life--no matter WHAT economic condition is being portrayed in your world. Free yourself to EXPERIENCE life, to BE you, and you'll find what you've been searching for all along...purpose.

The Angels

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Dorie Bowlin is a Spiritual Coach, Messenger, Metaphysician, and Reiki Master Teacher who receives messages from the Angelic Realm. To learn more about Dorie and to receive free daily Angel Messages in your email, visit