An alarming fact emerges out of a recent survey conducted for employee satisfaction. More than one third of the American workforce is so uninspired and unhappy in their jobs, that they think of quitting every day.

No amount of freebies that their companies dole out occasionally is enough for them to stay motivated and perform at their best.

Stuck In A Dead End Job?

Employees who are not motivated are not only doing themselves harm, but they are counterproductive for their company as well. What then stops such people from quitting? The answer is a simple four letter word - Fear.

They fear the consequences of quitting. What will happen to their responsibilities? Who would pay the bills? It is all very nice to talk about passion, they say; but when it comes to taking action, passion alone cannot keep the home and hearth running.

That is their explanation for being stuck to their dead end jobs that does not allow them to follow their dreams. If you find yourself empathising with what has been said so far, read on!

To truly find your bliss, you have to take the first step. Unless you take the first step to quit your job, you will never discover the abundant possibilities that lie ahead of you, once you decide to follow your dreams.

There is no easy way out. You have to go the whole hog and take the plunge to see what lies ahead of you.

Passion Is The Keyword.

Imagine this... If the late Steve Jobs would not have decided to follow his passion, there would not have been a whole host of Apple products that the world has gone ga-ga about!

And only when you decide to follow your passion are you more likely to be successful. The reason is simple...

When you decide to follow your dreams, there is a new found enthusiasm. You participate wholly and joyfully in the project that is close to your heart, and are no longer worried about delivering for someone else.

The effort that you put in is completely for yourself; your satisfaction is at stake, so you do your very best.

Once you have ignited your enthusiasm, the universe conspires in such a way that the necessary resources become available to you. You tend to be more generous and willing to include people in your dream project, and people find your enthusiasm infectious.

On the whole, you will find things falling in place one after the other. That does not mean that there will be no initial hiccups. There are likely to be many small and big hurdles that come on your way; but if you are truly passionate, it will be very difficult for any obstacle to stand in your way for too long!

Nothing will seem so big, so as to douse your enthusiasm. Short term profits may be sacrificed in the process; but the long term goals will be in sight, no matter what adversities come in your way.

When you are truly inspired, the big picture is always in sight and you will find yourself being able to chalk out a course of action to reach your goal.

When you are a true visionary, not only do you keep yourself motivated, but you are also able to inspire your co-workers or subordinates to give their whole too. Risks may seem larger, but never for a moment do you doubt that the rewards will be even greater.

In the process of following your own dreams, you will be an inspiration for many as well. Those who are directly under your influence will definitely gain in life from your passion.

It’s not just about career growth, as personal growth and satisfaction are the biggest benefits from your decision.

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