You hear about it all the time. Writer’s Block – that awful moment you find yourself staring at the blank page and realize you have no idea how to begin and a deadline fast approaching. Oh, you have ideas, wonderful flights of fancy that have you finishing your report ahead of time, writing a best selling novel or having your fabulous article published in the latest, greatest magazine. But the words just won’t come. The ones that do show up somehow don’t seem to fit together properly, so you delete and start over…and there’s that blank page again. It flashes in all its intimidating bright, white glory, daring you to create something wonderful.

OK, so you’re not a writer. Have you experienced “life block?” It’s the same thing. Wonderful dreams and goals, a great vision for how things should be – and absolutely no idea where to start. Overwhelmed with just getting through the day, you find yourself wanting to run directly to the nearest cave and pull a large rock over the entrance behind you. Safe in the still, dark cave – away from the noise and demands of your job, your family and your everyday life, you finally have time to think, to dream, to plan – perhaps even to journal – and the only thing you can hear over the still raging noise in your head is, “Why didn’t I remember to bring chocolate?”

Our lives have become so filled with “be more, do more, get more” so that you can “be more, do more and get more,” that we spend most of our time simply running in circles…and then wondering why we are no further down the road than we were last year or the year before.

We’re half way through the year. When was the last time you stopped running long enough to check your road map? You remember- the goals you set with such inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm at the beginning of the year. Have you been working toward your goals or just hoping they will somehow happen while you go on with life as usual?

The best way to cure writer’s block is to quit beating yourself up about what you’re NOT doing, and then to do something different – take a walk, go to a movie, treat yourself to your favorite ice cream – change your attitude, your thinking – get a fresh sheet of paper – one that’s anything but WHITE. Do something creative. Make paper airplanes using all those blank sheets. Laugh, have some fun. Then get back on track, set aside specific time for writing and specific goals for how much you can realistically write each session. Little by little, day by day, the story will finish itself.

Sound familiar? Of course it is. It’s the same for overcoming life block. Stop, change your thinking, and change your habits. Give yourself a break. Set specific goals and do something each day toward accomplishing them. Little-by-little, day-by-day you’ll find yourself willing to come back out of your cave and participate in the fullness and richness of your life story.

When I was diagnosed with cancer seven years ago, I experienced major life block! “What do I do now?” was my first thought. Then I went through that stage of anger and frustration where I felt like I had finally gotten to a point in life where I could do some things for me and I had cancer! It wasn’t fair. After I got through my pity party, I decided to research the disease I had and see what could be done about getting well. What I didn’t realize at the time was that God had given me the perfect opportunity to not only do some things for me, but to do everything for me. I had to put myself first. I had to totally concentrate on me and getting healthy again. What did that mean?

It meant I had to change my thinking, change my habits. Set specific goals for regaining my health and do everything I could every day to accomplish my goals. Little by little, I saw my health return. I learned to put myself first… to eat foods that would make me healthy, to rest when I was tired, to be with people I loved who were upbeat and positive, and say NO to anything and everything I didn’t want to do.

When I got a very clear understanding of what was really important in my life — what my priorities are regarding how I want to spend the rest of my life, my life block dissipated. I have now lived six years longer than my doctor thought I would and those six years have been the happiest and healthiest of my entire life. I thank God for the lessons I learned during this life block season.

If you are experiencing “life block,” I can highly recommend learning to take care of yourself…first!

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Judi Moreo is the author of the award winning book, “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power” as well as its companion, Achievement Journal. She is a Certified Speaking Professional who has spoken in 28 countries around the world. Less than 10% of the speakers in the world hold this highly respected earned designation. To contact Judi or book her for a speaking engagement, contact Turning Point International, (702) 896-2228 or