What is life? What is the most effective, powerful and fulfilling way to live it? How do I avoid pain and have success? These are questions just about everyone asks. Well, what is the answer then? To answer this question, here is the story about a race track, a high performance Formula One Ferrari and yourself. Here goes.

In the beginning, there was a Divine Force; a Perfect Racing Spirit that knew it was Perfect Speed. It knew this wholly. The only problem was that it had not experienced itself because, alas, it was Spirit! Therefore, it had to find a way of experiencing itself. Aha! The perfect place to do so would be in a physical plane!

So Perfect Racing Spirit manifested itself on Earth as a racing track and a high performance Ferrari. The track and the Ferrari were one – they knew each other intimately. For fun, the track also had other cars and various obstacles on it. You know, just to add to the thrill.

And now it was time to race and enjoy Itself as Perfect Speed! Perfect Racing Spirit needed just one more ingredient. An experience device that was conscious and aware of what was going on, a device capable of experiencing the emotions that go with the race. It needed a driver! So it manifested itself as you, yes, you. Only one difference, though. You were to be the driver, but not really. And this is where the mystery of life lies. Let us see how.

The race started! The Ferrari started moving down the track, all on its own, without the driver even knowing. At first, the driver was OK with that. The driver, being a baby, naturally felt that all was safe. The car kept going faster and faster with no accident at all! The driver was usually happy and peaceful, though not yet fully aware of the race. And the car was not going too fast as yet. The car never crashed into the obstacles, but the driver sometimes cried when he needed a pit stop. And the pit stop was always given when asked for.

But within a few months, things started getting out of plan. The driver started noticing that some people on the sidelines were shouting out their fears to the driver. “You’ll crash! You’ll hurt yourself! Don’t take that exit!” Unfortunately, the driver listened to those other peoples’ fears and accepted them as truth. And the driver started to do something very drastic! The driver started to panic and worry and fear and grip the steering wheel. The driver forgot that the car and the track are one and can never harm each other. The obstacles are just for the enjoyment of the race, the thrill of passing them at high speeds. The obstacles would never be hit. And if they were, it was rare, for fun, and always safe.

The more the driver feared, the worse it got. The driver forgot that his or her role was to be an observer of the race, an experiential tool, in a race for his or her enjoyment. The driver tried to control things, and in fear started to act as if things were in his or her control. And in trying to control, the driver forgot about enjoying the present moment and started worrying about the future obstacle or the past accident. What the driver failed to realize was that this car had an intelligence of its own. Left alone, when the driver let go, it followed the infinite intelligence of the Divine Force that It Is, and worked beautifully with the track, its other half. But when the driver takes control, it starts to instead respond to the driver’s mind. The only problem is that the driver’s mind is not all knowing, is fearful, and attracts more obstacles and crashes than are necessary. Fortunately, the car has a self-correction mechanism that fixes the course by attempting to clear the fears of the driver so that the driver may let go. Unfortunately for the driver, this clearance action really scares him or her as well!

The poor driver, goes through hundreds of crashes and starts wondering, “What the HELL am I doing in this scary ride!!!” Then, after getting tired of fighting the steering wheel, the driver decides that the current approach is not working that well, and decides to listen to the car.

Yes! It does seem to have a guidance! The more the driver listens, the more the driver understands that he or she is not really the driver. The best the driver has achieved so far has only slowed down the race. The worst has caused much pain. The driver understands that there is another way. And this is it: Let go of the steering wheel and trust the Ferrari. The Ferrari came here and put you in it, fully functional, for a reason. And it will finish that reason perfectly. By perfect nature, the Ferrari is perfectly capable, safe, enjoyable, abundant and all powerful. All it needs is someone to enjoy its ride and report back to it “How did it feel?”

But as the driver learns more The Way of the Ferrari, the driver moves from thinking he or she knows how to drive the car, to not knowing anything at all about the car, to REALLY knowing how to drive the car and where to go. These are the three stages in driver training. And here is where the second goal of the Divine Force lies. The first is to have the driver report back the experience of the race. The second is to have the driver shift from being an unconscious scared driver who slows down the race, to one who is One With The Car And The Race, one who has mastered the race and now helps other master the race as well. Such a driver is extremely powerful. Being one with the Divine Force, Spirit, this driver lacks nothing, hits nothing unless he or she desires to hit it! And this driver is always safe! At this point, Spirit and Driver are One and fully aware of this, and Spirit has achieved its quest of being fully manifested on earth. To put it in another way, the Driver/Spirit union is finally a head in the skies feet on the ground being, a being that is in this world but not of it. The purpose of creation that has taken so long is finally achieved and spirit is now able to experience itself physically without any further limitations unless they are consciously chosen. At this point you, the driver, realize a simple truth that has escaped you all along. And that is that you, the car, the track, and the Divine Force are One! Only by letting go would you have dissociated from your limited ego construct and raised your consciousness and awareness to the totality of your magnificent self!

And this driver happily tells all other drivers the secret to having a fantastic race! Let go! Connect with yourself within. Have no fear! Love the race! Become aware of how it feels, accept it all, be honest with the feelings, and know that you are fully responsible for your experience. But that is the tricky part, the responsibility bit. You are not the maker, doer or director of the race, but you can choose to go with the race or against it, and the consequences are always predictable under universal law of cause and effect, hence you are responsible. By taking responsibility, you have the ability to respond. For you can only respond to life when you accept you are at cause. Responsibility breeds response ability. Learn the unfailing laws of the universe, and let go!

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David Cameron Gikandi is the best-selling author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money,  was the Creative Consultant on The Secret,  and he is a Real Estate & I.T. entrepreneur,  holding a BSc. in International Business,  MCSD,  and MSc. in Information Technology. He invites you to try the 58 Step Small Business Makeover System and the 12 x 12 Step DIY Abundant Life Coach System for free on his http://aHappyPocket.com site.