The main purpose for being here is the same for everyone…to discover self and merge ego with the Soul. All the other form based by-products of that discovery are nothing more than an examination to consciously illustrate your current level of energy vibration. Therefore, how you perceive life is continuously guided by higher self; whether or not you listen is based upon free-will and level of faith.

There are eight categories which encompass the various areas of life-situation as perceived by the mind. Many times one will require more attention than another in order to sustain a balanced life.

The level of perceived overall happiness is often mistakenly reduced when one or more areas become out of balance. The factors causing the imbalance can be a matter of justified concern for the ego; however, the higher self always has faith that it is merely a lesson in discovering self at a deeper level of awareness. Acceptance is always at the forefront of any situation and a conscious review of possible actions to manifest comes from within the higher self.

Review of Life Categories:

• Spiritual Life
• Emotional Well-Being
• Physical Health
Family Relationship
• Career
Financial Freedom
• Soul Merge

In today's economy there are many challenges taking place, many areas are changing at a faster rate than can be emotionally accepted by the ego. This is especially true in the area of career path. Whereas, in the past it was reasonable to assume most people could find a decent job to support themselves and their families. This is typically the case in Western civilizations where Capitalism is the order of the day. However, now times are changing, we are now operating in a World based economy, where many of the jobs are typically shipped overseas merely due to saving money on labor rates. Therefore, many people in the United States have lost jobs and in some cases those jobs will never again be available to the local job market. This is a hard reality to accept if you are one of the many displaced employee's seeking a way to make a living.

It is obvious that the ripple affect from one category going out of balance can be overwhelming to most people. This is understandable coming from an egoist perspective; however, if you are living your life based upon spiritual life in the forefront of your daily living it becomes easier to manage life-situation challenges. A spiritual viewpoint is one of acceptance and moving on with conscious clarity for something better being on its way. This faith is what drives a spiritual person and is often misinterpreted by others in the life process.

Life is not always easy; it is an ever-changing process that has its ups and downs. However, how we move forward during the down times is nothing more than an indication of our current faith and energy vibration level.

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