Is there anything sadder than observing a girl with intelligence, potential and skills squander these skills because she lacks the capacity to make rational choices in life rather than emotional ones? I was that girl until a couple of in years ago, when I discovered life coaching.

Before I took a life-coaching course I was just a stressed, needy wreck in will desperate need of some highly-priced psychiatric therapy. Smart as I was I could not land a career worth my IQ or diploma simply because I was so resentful of others I didn’t “play nicely” inside a team. I had no idea how to be a team player and I had been consistently “let go” simply because I couldn't manage my rage. Although I really was by far the most gifted and able staff member money can buy I would typically wind up being the most unproductive employee as I was often focused on the imperfections of others.

Soon after being advised by a close buddy that I was intolerable to be with I decided to find a psychologist or even a program in anger management. What I discovered instead was a course on life coaching that would eventually transform my life. This is because the course showed me just how stressed I was being a graphic artist for massive businesses when what I wanted was to become a proven fine artist. Instead of continuing on the path where I only drew pictures for companies I detested, I ended that career and traded it in for a career as a life coach.

As a life coach I was now able to be my own boss and live a lifestyle comparable to the one that my stressful role in advertising provided me. Furthermore, the training in life coaching I was taking were in themselves courses in therapy that helped me to get my heart, brain and soul in order so that I could support other people. My training as a life coach helped me solve some pretty long-term, self-destructive habits that had been having me repeat the same problem over and over. Furthermore I could train face-to-face at my own pace with some of Australia’s major trainers and life coaches and I was even able to earn my course fees back before graduation!

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