By the age of 45, I was divorced and depressed with two children to support by myself. I was working in a job as an office temp in Melbourne and was barely managing to survive. I felt I couldn’t have been more in debt or less successful.

I understood I needed to move forward somehow yet I’d forgotten how. I was so used to being married and being looked after I’d forgotten that I was in charge of my own life. Before the age of 30 I was a dancer and an actress. Now stuck in a desk job with no idea how to rectify the situation.

A good friend of mine had gone from working in a supermarket to selling her own line of silver jewelry in less than 12 months and when I asked her how she was able to create such a successful change so fast she said it was because she went to Melbourne life coaching.

Melbourne life coaching made me realize that it was OK to “dream a big dream.” My many years with a controlling man had taught me to just accept that over-work, earning a low pay and daily disappointments was “the norm” for me. With therapy, kind advice and lots of work on myself I realized that I needed to raise the bar. I would now reach for higher aspiration and get out from behind my clerical desk and become a leader - I became a life coach myself.

Once my training was finished I opened my very own practice and in a very short time, I had clients of my own. Within 10 months I was making a great income and instead of my former habit of spending money in emotional ways to help my low self-esteem, I invested in the flourishing Australian real estate sector. I leased out the first home I purchased and before I knew it I had the cash to purchase a second along with a third house. The cash was rolling in from both my tenants and my practice and that I was no more that self-pitying individual stuck behind a desk in a dead-end job.

For me life coaching was both the means as well as the tool of change that permitted me to become far more productive in life and I am secure in the knowledge that regardless of what the economic climate or my ex is doing I will always be able to take case of myself.

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