Nearly everyone at some point in their life has heard the phrase “the power of positive thinking” and the message is so true – there IS power in thinking in terms of positive versus negative. Life coaching is another arena that many are taking advantage of today in order to bring happiness, health, wealth and prosperity to all aspects of their lives. What is a life coach, and what transformations can you expect to see in your life by going this route?

Simply put, a life coach helps an individual to gain a clear, fresh perspective on those areas in their lives that represent a challenge, whether it is a career, relationship, health and even spirituality. If you have ever heard of The Law of Attraction it is a universal law that simply means you can attract those things to your life that you really desire. By giving something you truly want all of your positive energy and focus and visualizing that “something” in your life, you can actually attract it to you. In life coaching, many coaches utilize this universal law, helping clients to find a healthy balance in what is often a stressful life.

The power of positive thinking is real, and not just an idea or “wishful” thinking. By maintaining positive thoughts, you will see that you can attain much success and happiness in your personal and career life. Life coaching works much on the same principle, helping you identify your own personal foundation so that you can navigate down those paths that lead to positive choices and directions for your life.

Many people make choices for their lives that aren’t the best, and then continue making bad or mediocre choices. People tend to get stuck in a rut; it’s often easier to continue on with your life being in an average place in a career or relationship, simply because it’s easier. Those who truly desire success realize that they must figure out where they are in their life and where they want to go, but this is easier said than done. This is where life coaching comes in; someone who specializes in this area can often motivate an individual and give them the boost in confidence they need to take action and move their life in a positive direction.

If you have ever heard of The Secret, you may know that this highly popular self-help book is based on the power of positive thinking and The Law of Attraction. While most people have a general idea of what they want out of life and where they want to go in regards to success in relationships, career, health and prosperity, many are unsure of how to get to their destiny. A life coach literally helps take you from where you are right now to where you want to be, offering the motivation, advice and support necessary to get past the crossroads and on to the path that leads to your life dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Laney Ray is an International Life Coach, NLP certified practioner and trainer, entrepreneur, author, publisher and editor of a compilation series and a complete CD line including subliminals, relaxation & guided imagery.

With degrees Positive Psychology and Business Administration, Laney is sought out to work with entrepreneurs as well as senior executives at leading institutions. She also teaches at top universities, spas, and educational institutions. Laney teaches workshops and hosts events Internationally and abroad.

With over twenty years of coaching and training, Laney is founder and CEO of Laney Ray. Her business background makes her especially effective in working with entrepreneurs, executives, and their teams.

In addition to her work with businesses, Laney is highly praised for her work with individuals, couples, and families on designing and achieving their goals. She has worked with 1000s of individuals and families in recovery from substance abuse and other addictions as well.

With thousands following Laney online from facebook to MySpace she has been able to reach and coach many individuals in a variety of areas helping those that need it most.

Laney has an uncanny ability to build leaders, happiness, wealth, and deep, lasting satisfaction in life.