If you are trying to find a career that makes an actual distinction on the planet then try being a life coach. Well-trained thoughtful life coaches have a genuine capability to make a good influence on somebody else’s life.

I am a life coach myself. I became one to increase my business which is making wigs and hairpieces for men and women going through chemotherapy. When a few of my clients, who I became rather close to, did not make it I would also end up counseling people in their household.

I realised that although the wigs helped someone with cancer feel temporarily better what they needed was life-affirming long-term targets and answers to their problems. I also realised that the surviving husbands and wives of my customers  also needed to have the same kind of support. My concern over time became how you can lend an ear to my customers and their household and do so in a professional way that would not only preserve my sanity and emotional health and could also be something I may possibly charge for.

The response was clear after I attended a fundrasing event some life coaches had organized for terminal cancer patients.  I was so happy to find out that I could study to become one myself with no change my schedule and I also start helping my clients before I graduated from the course. One great side-effect of taking the course is that is has taught me to organize my time so I am able to raise more money for cancer and AIDS patients.

Losing a spouse to cancer can be a devastating encounter and life coaches can aid devastated family members plan measurable, reasonable targets to assist them transverse hard rites of passage. A life coach may also make a massive difference for an individual going through chemotherapy as the focus of most treatments is on manifesting positive results, using visualisation to cure oneself and working with appropriate healing terminology.

Training to become a life coach allows me to live a life full of real purpose and the kind of calm that you just only really feel when just about every single aspect of the life is in control and designed to create positive results. There's also no greater feeling than that of watching a really troubled person rekindle their spirit and make the choice to move on from a catastrophe or setback, thanks to your inspiration and confidence.

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