Giving customers opportunities in real-time helps businesses increase sales, build brand trust, and offer better product choices. Collaboration technology helps bring teams closer to serve the customer better and operate businesses. Whether in the back-office or store floor, collaborative teams can work better, and be responsive to potential customers.
Accelerating decision making by reducing travel time is one of the key aspects of collaboration for the retail sector. Using tailored video conferencing products or software helps retailers rely on video collaboration to meet business goals at various stages. That means from production to streamlining supply chains, and enhancing point the point-of-sale. These solutions give retailers a competitive edge and reduce CapEx.
“Based on a study by Gartner, 54% of the retailers say omnichannel initiatives are top priorities”.
Shopping from all channels allows customers to use digital & mobile devices. Video collaboration tools enable retailers opportunities to connect with various teams, supply chain associates, and third-party partners. New collaboration solutions in retail are empowering business associates to perform their jobs better. For internal teams, video conferencing software enables internal teams to train and learn better with webinars, whiteboards, presentations, etc.
As organizations enable greater work flexibility, retail sales professionals are coming up with new ways to approach and connect with customers or prospects. Shoppers are looking at simpler and personalized channels of shopping, thus, the retail owners need to adopt video conferencing for a great shopping experience.
Let us consider the benefits of adopting top video conferencing software for the retail sector.
Video conferencing helps put a face for your brand.
One of the most significant benefits of in-person meetings is building rapport and trust. Communicating and collaborating through an audio platform make it difficult to express your pitch successfully. Video conferencing allows retail reps, managers, customers, and other stakeholders to meet face-to-face. It also helps customers remember you and your sales pitch, rather than just being in a mailbox. Being face-to-face in real-time helps build a strong and professional relationship
Leveraging the power of iFMeets for retail help participants host and join quick meetings through high-definition video conferencing. With iFMeets, users get to build a personalized relationship with the power of data. These partnerships are meaningful at a personal level, and help boost sales, and build customer trust.
Collaborate with better decision-makers.
Meeting prospects in-person can be cumbersome based on diverse geographies, time differences, key tasks n responsibilities, etc. If project teams work in remote locations, co-ordinating in-person meetings is impossible. Video meetings allow users to join with a single click and any device.
Implementing iFMeets helps retailing businesses collaborate with industry leaders through video conferencing.
Use the power of screen-sharing to win greater numbers of customers.
An in-depth demonstration is crucial to make all the difference. Screen sharing via video conferencing helps enable real-time walkthroughs, answer queries, and assist with product introductions. Similarly, users can screen-share presentations in a secure manner, these include – images, videos, PPT’s, infographics, etc.
iFMeets enables retailers to use the power of secure screen-sharing to present digital business assets. This has helped retail reps strengthen the sales pitch.
Communicate and meet clients in real-time without traveling.
Meeting in-person or physically can become extremely restrictive and expensive too. After all, there’s a limit on the number of people youcan meet in a single day. In-person meetings can be taxing as well, making work for sales reps highly unproductive.
However, with top video conferencing software, sales professionals can host or join a myriad of virtual meetings and widen their scope. This helps draw greater numbers of customers through quick wins. Reducing travel with virtual meetings also helps meet goals and hit sales targets quicker than traditional methods.
Leverage the features of iFMeets to reduce travel time, and achieve desired sales goals with video conferencing technology.
Speed up the sales cycle and put in more time to build leads.
In today’s retail game, productivity matters. Doing more in less time without adding challenges into the mix helps retailers speed up sales and spend more time generating leads. Saving time by not meeting customers physically, helps sales professionals connect with potential leads.
By making the hosting and joining process simple, the sales team can hop on a call with a single click, and save time. Sales professionals can right into the chase with engaging presentations or visuals. Video conferencing solutions also give retailers the ability to create polls or feedback items to optimize their sales funnel. Via meeting recordings, sales reps can share and collaborate highlights of the meeting with potential prospects or initiate a follow-up.
iFMeets helps sales reps create quick meetings or join in’s. Using the power of modern collaboration, retailers can schedule quick meetings from CRM’s like Salesforce. With the ability to upload presentations, screen-share, record meetings, use whiteboards, and more retailers can significantly boost their sales.
E-tutor internal teams for high-level training.
Geographically fragmented teams need a technology solution that facilitates long-distance training for their retail workforce. With the ability to upload and showcase webinars, presentations, whiteboards, agenda, meeting recording, etc. e-tutoring is achievable.
iFMeets and iFWebinars, with its suite of features, enables the retailing business to train or teach their staff, and support learning through courses, assignments, real-time interaction, and visual knowledge.
Improve the overall shopping experience with video conferencing technology.
As the retail sector continues to become competitive, retailers are looking at video conferencing technology to boost their sales funnel. Any platform that enables retailers to exhibit their business or products in a high-performance manner shows great promise.
iFMeets is the perfect solution to help your business stand-out by showcasing promotions, products, offers, etc. engagingly.

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Retailers and shoppers need to embrace video conferencing technology for retail businesses to meet goals and for customers to leverage real-time choices. With more than 50% of the shoppers claiming technology helps improve their shopping experience, it is time for users to leverage collaboration to unify teams and shoppers.