One of the things that keeps us from moving forward in our lives is our tendency to hold on to things that no longer serve a purpose. This can be in any aspect of life--certain activities, thoughts, feelings such as worry, relationships, jobs, objects, your past.

Everything that we attract into our lives has a higher purpose. When that purpose is fulfilled, we need to let go in order to make room for our next stage of growth and expansion. Holding on to things that we no longer need is a form of lack thinking and fear. I remember a comedy routine by George Carlin many years ago about how people relate to leftovers in the refrigerator. They open the door, look at the leftovers, realize they are spoiled and then put them back in the refrigerator. Of course he acted this out in a very funny way, but as I was laughing hysterically, I realized that he was absolutely right! We hold on to things long after the life has gone out of them.

Those things we hold on to past their purpose act as energetic roadblocks to our growth and to new opportunities, insights and success. Energy is always in motion. In order for the new to come into your life, you must recognize what things are no longer serving you and release them. Doing this is an act of faith in the abundance of the universe and your own ability to allow abundance.

Releasing What No Longer Serves
Ask yourself what you might be holding on to that no longer serves a purpose. You can tell what those things are because they have lost their sense of aliveness or meaning. Even clearing out clothes you haven’t worn in the past year or longer can be a clearing of old energy that allows the new to come in. Clear out broken equipment or anything that you aren’t using. Holding on to useless things and activities tells your subconscious that you don’t deserve abundance.

Do you have memories of the past when things didn’t work out well for you? When you think of the past, shift to think only of times when things worked out and you were feeling powerful and creative. If you can’t think of a time like that, use your imagination to re-write your past. Your imagination is a a gift that connects you to your soul.

Relationships that are no longer healthy and serving both people can be released with love, whether it is a romantic relationship, friendship, or business partner. By focusing on what you want in any of these types of relationships from a place of joy, love and well-being, the relationships will either evolve or dissolve. Send love to the person and imagine letting them go. Remember that each relationship you have has a higher purpose. Don’t think that if a relationship dissolves, it is a failure. Go higher and ask what the purpose was. Embrace the growth and understanding that came from it, and allow yourself to be grateful for it.

Take heart--not every relationship needs to be released! When the purpose is to help each other continue to grow and learn, it can last for a lifetime. There are marriages that have lasted for many years and the people in them seem full of life. In those cases they have continued to grow together, exploring new ideas and activities along the way. I’m happy to say my own marriage is one of those!

Holding on to thoughts and feelings that are not in alignment with where you are now keeps you stuck. What images of yourself do you hold that don’t reflect who you really are at the highest level? What fears or worries show up for you when you think of moving ahead in life?

Try this energy exercise to help let go.
Get in a comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to relax. Imagine a beautiful, intelligent light coming to you. You can imagine this in any way you like. See if you can make it even more beautiful. Now, notice where you feel the negative thoughts or feelings in your body. Send light to those thoughts and feelings. Imagine them being surrounded by this light, and permeated with this light until they become light. Then, on your out-breath, release them to the universe. See them rise up and dissolve. You have changed your thoughts to light. Express thanks to this light and bask in the glow.

If you would like more help in releasing self-sabotaging thoughts at the subconscious level I would recommend techniques such as PSYCH-K and EFT.

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