The Universe is about balance. People and this world are about division and separation. The news media show us the beautiful dance of separation on a daily basis.

For example, president Obama shows off his excellent eye-hand coordination by swatting a fly while being interviewed on television. The world is in awe of a president that can kill flies with his own hands – what was that again about small things amuse small minds? PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are upset because a fly was killed publicly by a prominent person who thinks he is Buddha.

I recently heard a radio interview where one person complained about the blasphemous use of the name of God on television and radio. The person was quite adamant that the broadcaster had to act to root out this blasphemy which was quite offensive to Christians. Another person objected against the word blimey, because he had been told that the word originated from the expression “God blind me” and therefore the word blimey must also be blasphemous. Why is it that Christians always sound so whining when they complain about how unfairly the world treats them? Or is the bias in my ear?

Another person called in to demand freedom of speech and the right to say “Oh, my God” and Jesus whenever they please. A few more callers supported this stance because they are not Christians and see no reason to comply with the rules that Christians set for their lives.

Speaking of rules – a Jewish couple is suing their neighbours because of the installation of a light switch with motion sensors in the communal stairwell of the building that they live in. Their argument is that they are not allowed to light a fire on a Sabbath. When they step out of their flat on a Friday night and the light on the stairwell goes on, they believe it is a breach of their human rights. Apparently the problem can be resolved with a delayed circuit-breaker switch, a solution that was accepted by rabbis for a hospital in Jerusalem.

The editor of a Jewish community website said “They should not be putting the onus on their neighbours to change. It’s a bit arrogant really. It’s an embarrassment, it’s giving reasonable Jews a bad name.”

All of these instances reflect a concept that can be explained from quantum mechanics. Fermions are entities that thrive on division and separation. Only one fermion can occupy any space at any time. Try to get two fermions closer together, and there is tension because there is a struggle to ensure that the energy field of the one fermion pushes away the energy field of the second fermion. The space needs to be defended at all costs. This space is about me, me, me.

We have in recent years seen some examples of the opposite, where people were united over the world. When war was declared against Iraq, there were protests in over 60 countries. Most of these countries were not at war with Iraq, but they joined in protest against a senseless war and for peace. That was a display of bosons, the opposite of fermions. Bosons are above time and space. Many bosons can occupy the same space at the same time, and when they do, we get a glimpse of eternity and we feel gratitude form the heart.

We got a glimpse of the power of bosons when Princess Diana died – the Royal Family stood out like a sore finger against the rest of the world that were united in mourning and in love for a person who was all too human. The world united and shared the same space in the same time, and this even neutralised the behaviour of the Royal Family who gave in and joined in the expression of Love.

Sadly the examples of division are rife, whereas the examples of unity are scarce. Our purpose on this earth is to identify this separation and division in ourselves, and to strive towards becoming One and experiencing Love. Instead we seem to be very good at creating more division about things that can only make you shake your head in amazement.

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